Taya’s Carnival Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Come one, come all!! Let’s witness the greatest and most spectacular bash on earth!!

Okay, that maybe a little too much, but I assure you, Taya’s party is nothing short of breathtaking. Thanks to Ava’s Cakes and Events, Wedgewood Banquet and Events was cuteness and charm all over. Divine floral arrangements were peppered everywhere and key pieces made the atmosphere whimsical. The mood was set with a youthful exuberance, yet it also displayed just the right amount of nostalgia lent by vintage smithereens. Pastel hues colored the fête, which was a refreshing change from the usual striking and vibrant carnival shades.

Here’s what Kit Mandac of Ava’s has to say about this:

My non-negotiable for Taya’s carnival 1st birthday was the lovely white with gold maned horses we had to hand carry from the Philippines to here, San Francisco California. From day 1 of planning with Taya’s lovely Aunt Mae, we’ve pictured merry-go-round horses with floral saddles. You can only imagine my joy at the Flower Market when we were buying flowers for the saddle. We used beautiful ranunculuses, delphiniums, coebilios, and different varieties of lovely pink roses. Swooning a bit again from the thought. Sigh!

So step right up! And enjoy these ala front-row-seat photos captured by Ross of Ever Snaps Photography.

Elephants and bears have always been a classic showstopper at any carnival show. In Taya’s party, guests were greeted by cute and plush versions of these magnificent creatures. As if the party was not awesome enough, guests were asked to write down short messages on these cute little balloons held up by an adorable elephant, in lieu of a guestbook. And don’t you just love the eye-catching carnival direction signs?

entrance (2)entranceentranceCentranceAentranceB

Now, the stage you have to see. Could anything be more adorable than the white horses saddled with floral bouquets? It seems they came straight right out of the carousel, just to join the party. Even the lone stuffed lion couldn’t help but admire them. I also love how the big letters spelling out Taya’s name gave the area an interesting pop of color. It won’t be any wonder if guests made a beeline to this area for a quick photo-op.

mainmain (2)main (1)

If you think you’re done seeing all the cuteness in this party, well, think again. The table centerpieces were a statement themselves, thanks to these cuddlies which are bear-y charming! They even donned some party hats!

table (1)

I actually felt giddy when I saw the cake. I mean, who wouldn’t be? From the intricate details of the carousel down to the big Pink Top base, this dainty confection is just screaming with charm! Whipped up by the amazing hubby and wifey team – Kit and Ace themselves, I’m sure this tasted as good as it looks.

cakeAcake (2)

Taya’s dessert spread is just oozing with sinful sweets! The sugar cookies were shaped as carousel and admission tickets while the cupcakes were topped by circus animals and magician’s hats. But what really caught my eye were the personalized biscuits! Baked in the image of Taya, they sure brought this whole thing up to the next level.

sweets2sweets2 (1)sweets (5)sweetsAsweets (2)sweets2 (2)sweetsB

And what’s a carnival without some circus acts? While enjoying their Flavor Station shaved ice, guests were entertained by stilt walkers and jugglers on unicycles. Boy, the wow factors in this fête just never ends!

snacksAperformers (2)performers

Here’s the little sweetheart Taya.



Vendors who made it all happen:
Venue: Wedgewood Banquet and Events Center // Planner: Mavelle Peralta- Samoy // Cake and Event styling: Ava’s Cakes and Events // Photographer: Ross of Ever Snap Photography // Carts: Cotton Candy Bar // Cupcakes: Cat’s Cupcakery // Cookies: Parker’s Crazy Cookies // Cakepops: Crumbstatic // Cheesecakes:: Significant Bites // Entertainment: Circosphere Entertainment, Happily Ever Laughter // Invitations: Fresh Mint Paperie // Rentals: 7th Heaven Vintage Rentals // Graphic Artist:: One Love Design LLC // Party hats:: Margo Medina Alesna of Sewtastic

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