Toni Gonzaga Soriano’s Nautical Themed Baby Shower

Huge congratulations are in order for Toni and Paul Soriano as they welcomed an adorable baby boy on Friday! And since one good news deserves another, we thought we would share this baby shower for Toni that might have been one of the most memorable! Get ready to see the whole thing in 3… 2… 1…

There are a ton of stars expecting babies this year, including Toni and Paul, who joyously announced baby number one back in summer. Ever since then, we could not help but start jonesing for adorable baby bump photos and wondering if they would be having a tiny Toni or a mini Paul – you too, right? Good thing the excited couple opted out of the suspense and revealed the gender on July. And just in case you have not heard – they are adding a baby boy to the family, people!

While baby showers are de rigueur, we love that Star Studio and Working Mom magazines chose to surprise the expectant couple with buntings and pompoms in nautical hues. Can someone arrange our baby shower in the same fashion please? Anyone? Party Magic is the powerhouse behind this celebration that is cute enough for a captain! Nods to the nautical world include the weathered wood, bold stripes, and a classic blue, red, and white palette. The nautical accessories also feel authentic to the theme, giving the venue an unmistakably coastal feel. Well done, Party Magic! And thanks to our Starfish Media friends, we are all able to fish through the happenings and net everything with these absolutely stunning photos. Scroll through to see them now!

Welcome to the preppiest baby shower imaginable! We know, we know, this is what Party Magic wants the guests to think when they step inside this entranceway that sports clean and simple designs that play with charming colors.


Anything touched by the nautical shade is right up our alley. This overhead display is a good case in point – oh and did you catch that message in the sail? We are totally on board with this sweet welcome!

ceiling (2)ceiling (4)

We kind of have a thing for mix and match patterns, natural textures, nautical accessories, and seaside styles. This stage knew that – not to mention the adorable backdrop that confirms the reason for this celebration.

stagestage (2)

Never have blooms and stripes been in such a loving relationship. Matching them created a look that is nautical-ly perfect as table centerpieces.


The obvious thing to do with pompoms is to use them at your party. The better thing to do would be to clump tons of them together and form a rowboat – take a good look at this buoyant backdrop! The blue baked treats by Sugar Plum Pastries and the two handsome cakes are such a perfect complement to the display.

sweets (4)sweets (6)sweets (3)sweets (5)sweetssweets (7)

Good friend and fellow celebrity mom Mariel Padilla was in attendance with one very special accessory – her growing baby bump! It goes without saying that we are betting Seve will already have a BFF in her daughter, Maria Isabella.

guests (2)

Also in attendance? Celebrity mom Sarah Lahbati and son Zion the Lion! Well, it already appears to be – Toni is a natural with kids!


It is no secret we love the Gonzaga sisters, but moments like this really sets our admiration for them in stone.

family (1)

We have learned two things about Toni. One, pregnancy looks so good on her. And two, she is now a mom to a sweet baby boy she and Paul nicknamed Seve! Welcome, Baby Seve! We will just be here watching out for your milestones. Teehee!

family (2)


Vendors who made it all happen:
Venue: The Loft at Manansala // Event styling: Party Magic // Event coordination: Star Studio and Working Mom Magazines // Photo coverage: Starfish Media // Desserts: Sugarplum Pastries

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