Diego’s Vintage Locomotive Train Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Chooo-chooo!!! One would definitely go loco over this vintage locomotive-themed party!

There’s just something about trains that fascinate little boys. It’s probably because of their extraordinary length and sound, or maybe because moving things are more fun to play with. One couple indulged their son’s fascination with trains and brought it up to the next level. And who’d better do that job but Party Magic, right? They just went overboard with all the vintage train details in this party, and I. Love. It. Black, brown and gold had set the nostalgic mood, with little pops of red, blue and yellow here and there. Luggage and suitcases were all over the party place, it would make you want to travel and jump right into the next train. Luckily for us, Rio Jones Photography provided us round-trip tickets to the party through these snaps.

So, are you ready to check out Diego’s party? All aboard!!

Wow! The entrance was just uh-mazing with all these details bustling! Check out the vintage clocks and the train schedule! They really made sure that one won’t be running late for the bash. Just because the set-up was a train stop doesn’t mean that the party stops here. I especially loved those vintage pieces like the lamp-post, the drawers, and the typewriter. To make the installation more personalized, photos of the celebrant were hung to decorate the bench.

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Gears as backdrop had set the party in motion, and what’s a locomotive party without a train? All elements incorporated with the train theme was made lively to look at despite its earthen tones. Installed as a railway platform, this area was nothing short of awesomeness.

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The table set up did not fail to make a statement, thanks to the personalized table numbers and water bottle labels. Little hands were kept busy with a fun coloring activity kit.

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Such an eye candy! But not just for the eyes, this cake is a mouthful of goodness as well. Look at how cute that little train express is, making its way through tunnels. Baked by Tazzy Cake, I’m sure this delish 2 tier confection did not fail to turn heads.

cake (3)cake.e

Scrumptious treats express! Guests get to satisfy their sweet tooth at everyone’s favorite station, the desserts station! Care for some assorted chocolates, choco wafer sticks, railroad crossing sugar cookies, and cupcakes topped by suitcases and trains? Don’t mind if I do!

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As if the decors are not wow-factors enough, guests were also treated to an amazing magic show and a funny ventriloquist act for those ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’. Fruity ice cream and some snacks on the side? This party is really right on track!

show (2).eshowcart (2)cart (1)

Who would have thought that giveaways in black and gold would look uber adorbs! To tie up with the theme, the thank-you treats were housed in mini suitcases. Yes, mini suitcases! Imagine being handed a cute, little luggage before heading out to the road. It’s Bon Voyage, indeed!

giveaways (2)giveaways

Here’s Diego with his doting and lovely family. This boy sure is a picture of happiness!

family (3).efamily (4).eentrance.photoop

Vendors who made it happen:
Styling: Party Magic // Photo coverage: Rio Jones Photography // Cake and desserts: Tazzy Cakes

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