Ezra Benjamin’s The Arabian Nights Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Choosing “The Arabian Nights” as your party theme means many things: a catchy music, lovable characters, and a whole slew of elements in bright, zany, zippy colors everywhere around your party venue. How to get everyone together at a party that goes down in history? Well, while we cannot actually help you throw the party, we can share this inspiration for throwing an explicably captivating shindig!

Here at PDM, we see the world in colors. So when we got our first peek at these birthday photos, we were sold. Drenched in the colors of blue, gold, orange, pink, and purple, the draperies, decors, and sweets can trick your brain into thinking you are in a real Arab palace! Okay, you guys got us this time. “The Arabian Nights,” also known as the “One Thousand and One Nights,” is one of the most famous story pieces in the world, and Sugar and Sunbeams has managed to come up with a design style that looks and feels just like the timeless masterpiece. To inspire you to take a magic carpet ride and discover a whole new world, we are sharing the very best snaps by Happy Folks Studio from this bash.

This stage strikes a nice balance, which makes blue, orange, pink, and purple an interesting match-up. Everything from the sparkling curtains and throw pillows to that patterned rug makes the space feel luxe without being too heavy. The bold palette is further spiced up with pops of gold.

stage (2)stage (1)stage (3)

Every “The Arabian Nights” party needs a magical touch, and this centerpiece set is ready to step up to the plate. Featuring an artistic arrangement of gorgeously colored blooms, glass bottle, feather boa, jewelry, and silky linen, we love the easy-going elegance these beauties provide.

table (1)table (2)table

Oh boy is this cake PERFECT, all caps PERFECT. One bite and you are transported to the Arabia.

cakecake (2)

Did someone say other party treats? Check out these cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, and gold chocolate coins. There is a super cute fondant topping situation in there too, just to really throw things over the edge. Teehee.

sweetssweets (6)sweets (5)sweets (3)sweets (8)sweets (1)

Kids have eaten. Kids have spent hours upon hours playing and running. Now what? Get the entertainment on! Here, a magic show is keeping the young entertained. Those smiles! We are in love!

show (12)show (14)

How adorable is this? The “big kids” too are up for some games!

games (7)show (9)

Take a look at this happiest candid moment of the kids!

guests (11)

This party has us reminiscing about all the interesting tales in “The Arabian Nights.” The one closest to our hearts? The story of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, of course! Cue up the Aladdin theme music, and revel in these heartwarming photos of a couple who just happens to be a mom and dad to a very charming IRL version of Aladdin! Pretty dreamy!

family (14)family (15)family (2)


Vendors who made it all happen:
Event styling: Sugar and Sunbeams // Photo coverage: Happy Folks Studio // Cake and desserts: Regine’s Home Baked Goodies // Catering: Center Table Catering, Inc. // Host: Alex Lagula

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