Red’s Burger Diner Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Let’s all take a blast from the past with Red’s Burger Diner Party!

Burger lovers would surely drool over this bash! Thanks to Just Peachy Events, it feels like everything came right out of a diner. The colors, the food and the setup were all tied up to set the mood of everyone’s favorite joint, the burger joint! This shindig is just oozing with cute details, and layers of treats were stacked to make sure everyone had fun.

Here’s what our main man’s mom has to say about the party:
“Red is our first child. Burger is one of the favorite food of his daddy. We have celebrated Red’s monthly birthday by buying burger (instead of the usual cake and noodles) from different fastfood/restos . So for his first birthday, Burger Diner is the perfect theme for his party. :)”

Let’s check out some snaps, courtesy of Paulo Sia Photography, and dig into some burger goodness!

I just love that vintage diner signage! It definitely takes you back into the yester years, right? And check out the seat plan! Guests get to know their designated tables through these awesome burger paper trays. Of course, Red’s milestone board has to be designed as a burger, too!

entranceentrance (2)entrance (3)

Red and white balloons and banners were added to make the atmosphere festive and at the same time laid back.

ceiling (2)

What’s a diner without an order counter? The stage featured a counter backdrop, complete with bar stools, overhead menu and a drinks dispenser. If you look closely, you might see the busy kitchen as well.

family (6)

The tables stayed true to the theme, thanks to some gingham runners. To make the tabletop more special, personalized menu cards were set up, and squirt bottles were designed with Red’s name.


Little diners were kept busy with these color-your-burger sheets.

kiddie table (2)kiddie table (1)

The dessert station looks awesome! Now this, you have to see. Crumbly Yours achieved what other burger joints had only dreamed to achieve: a cake burger!! The cake (or burger) was overflowing with sweet details like the juicy patties, crispy bacon, and some TLC’s. Add in some fries and it’s the perfect cake for the event.

sweets (2)sweets (4)

There were burgers everywhere –cake pops and sugar cookies were all whipped up as burgers. Can you find the cupcakes? They’re disguised as sliders! How cute is that? The station’s back panel was another vintage diner signage set against a black and white checkered background. The whole installation was really a head turner.

sweets (1)sweets (3)sweets (5)

Diner guests, both young and young-at-heart were treated to some magic and balloon twisting show. There were also ice cream and hotdog food carts on the side to ensure that everyone’s got a happy tummy.

games (4)showgames (5)cart

Such an eyeful of goodies! I wouldn’t blame the kids if they ogled by this table for a time. There were tons of nifty prizes, and I super love the takeaways — small burger stool chairs!


Here’s little Red with his lovely parents.

family (2)family (3)


Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: Just Peachy Events // Photographer: Paulo Sia Photography // Cake and desserts: Crumbly Yours // Caterer: The Creamery // Host: Jojo Perez // Entertainment: Leodini // Favors: Wooden Kiddie Stools


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