Sia’s Picnic Fun with Peppa Pig Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Peppa Pig Theme Party Ideas If there’s anything I love more than muddy puddles, it’s definitely Peppa Pig themed parties! Popping Parties did a fantastic job organizing Sia’s 1st birthday bash together with Sweet Street Manila who wonderfully turned Diamond Hotel into Peppa Pig’s world! If trees could talk, they would be saying “Welcome to […]

Penelope’s Dainty Carousel Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Pink Carnival Theme Party Ideas Of white paper doilies, pink taffeta, pretty carousel ponies and a sweet little girl named Penelope… Take a peek at Penelope’s classy carousel birthday bash and bring back memories of birthdays past. Party Doll Manila Events together with Sweet Street Manila put the proverbial icing on the cake for this […]

Alexis’ Cute Monster Themed Party – 1st Birthday

There is no better way to take the fear out of ghoulish monsters than to make them cute! These days, a lot of adorable and cuddly monster toys are available for kids to choose from and use during imaginative playtime, thus helping them conquer their fears of boogeymen. From cute and silly to odd and […]

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