Alexis’ Cute Monster Themed Party – 1st Birthday

There is no better way to take the fear out of ghoulish monsters than to make them cute! These days, a lot of adorable and cuddly monster toys are available for kids to choose from and use during imaginative playtime, thus helping them conquer their fears of boogeymen. From cute and silly to odd and naughty, these creatures have their own unique personality which is sure to bring smile instead of scream to your next roaring good time!

Whoever said monsters were not cute must see this monster-ific birthday celebration of Alexis! He and his pals were flanked by seriously adorable little fellows that were pretty impossible not to love. Sweet Street Manila did an amazing job styling this bash! Full of bright colors, bold patterns, googly wobbly eyes, and happy monster plushies, the scene was actually more of cute and friendly than scary. I’m not a fan of cute monsters, but there’s nothing like these little creatures to warm our hearts! Aw, I think I already have a soft spot for these wacky monstrous faces! Do you want the cute monsters out from under the beds and into your next celebration? Click through to see all the details you could sink your teeth into! MR Villar Photography captured freakishly wonderful photos so you will definitely never have to worry about your kids being afraid of them. Paws up, little monsters!

The photo booth was set up at the entrance. With some funky monster mouth photo props, attendees had a stomping good time taking fang-tastic photos! I love this idea because it provides a great opportunity to catch people as they come in (when everyone looks their best) and before they leave. The letter standees also made a perfect party décor accent with fun monster faces glued on them.

entrance (4)entrance

Hear me roar! The stage was simple, but playful and fun! The colors were vibrant and the chevron pattern added a cool graphic punch! The colorful backdrop and letter standees were an adorable way to liven up the stage. The monster faces with big googly eyes and various silly expressions were very appealing to the monster-crazed tots. They are just the cutest things ever! I also love how the round topiaries and two-toned pompoms looked against the bright colors of the stage. They gave cheery effect and brought life to the room.

stagestage (1)

The ceiling space was spruced up with lanterns and pompoms. Their colors looked delightful and perfectly matched the color scheme of the bash.


The fresh flowers and tree stump brought a touch of spring to the table. The monster look was achieved by incorporating monster crafts that gleefully scared up the setting. The mirror centerpiece brightly reflected the whole arrangement.

table (2)table (4)

The sweet station was just the thing in this spine-chilling soiree. The spread looked fresh and inviting with white table skirt and bright pops of color at the backdrop. One of the things I love about the monster theme is that every classic party element can be monster-ized – like these paper medallions stuck with monster eyes and mouths to add some spook. Meanwhile, the dessert treats hissed, “We are watching you.” They were seriously googly good and eye-popping! The cute monsters lent themselves to a round of yummy treats – chocolate Oreo cookies, meringue, cupcakes, and cookies!

sweetssweetsAsweets (4)sweets (5)sweets.officialsweets.officialAsweetsB

Everyone kept coming back for more luscious treats with Merry Moo and PotDog carts.

cart (2)cart (4)

The entertainment and activities promised the little monsters an enjoyable fright day!


Given a variety of plush, body parts, and unique trinkets, kids got to build a monster of their own. They will form a special bond with their new furry friend in no time!

favorsAfavors (5)

We began to inch toward Halloween and so it would be perfect to start collecting monstrous beings like these adorable monster giveaways from Alexis.

giveawaysAgiveaways (2)

Look how thrilled Alexis was to be with his bogey-friends! Oh, you, cute little critter!

family (2)

Here is an adorable snap of Alexis’ lovely family. Giggles galore!


Vendor listing and references:
Venue: Valle Verde Clubhouse
Event styling and coordination: Sweet Street Manila
Photography: MR Villar Photography
Desserts: Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie
Food cart: PotDog and Merry Moo

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