Aiden’s World Traveler Themed Party – 1st Birthday

When you take a journey to somewhere you have never been before, you never know who you might cross paths with, what adventures you might unlock, or what memories you might make. And like traveling, birthdays welcome you to a world full of firsts and bring you the opportunity to grow and experience. Planning a perfect surprise for your little globetrotter? Mark his milestone with a celebration inspired by a journey to anywhere in the world!

Aiden had a celebration of a lifetime! No place on earth combines the urban joys of Manila, the delicate sakura of Tokyo, and the finest pastries of Paris so amazingly as his birthday holiday. Party Please really knows how to turn wishes into reality. The team infused details with local flavors – and everyone stood together in shared awe at the beauty of each destination. The decorating options were perfect and the palette of bright colors with a hint of pastel tied in nicely with the theme. Ah, this is a place for all things I love! Get your passports and tickets ready because you are in for a country hopping spree! Check out these beautiful snaps that will stir wanderlust in you and take you to a vacation – without leaving your seats!

An artsy signage – painted with a peaceful view of floating hot air balloons – welcomed guests en route to the front door. Alongside was a board gallery featuring the names of some great unspoiled places around the globe – from Asia to Europe and all points in between – which struck wonder and excitement in the hearts of the little travelers.


An inspirational space was kept prepped for guests to daydream and instantly feel at home! The wooden louver window provided a functional and attractive way to display travel quotes in beautiful typography. A suitcase was propped open and made for a fun name tag holder. Travel junkies will absolutely adore these personalized name tags which featured airport codes – complete with colors and designs – from across the globe! Time to spot your favorite city!

details (1)details (2)details (3)

The whimsical backdrop – designed with floating hot air balloons and some famous landmarks around the world – set the stage for a memorable bash!


One of the main scenes was turned into an island paradise. The floor covering and faux palm trees got a splash of cool hues which evoked the lush greenery of the tropics. The neutral tone of the set with a map, crates, pillows, and elephant statue also looked great in the sunny room. The world map backdrop was a statement travel piece! Guests could actually take flattering shots in here. They can pose like they are mapping out their itinerary or like they are simply having fun in the sun!

main (1)main (2)main (3)

The adult tables were luxurious in beautiful draperies, while the kiddie tables were stylish in natural hues of wood. The former were spruced up with white blooms which popped up charmingly in a picket fence flower pot. Rustic pieces and suitcases also rested on top with airport codes designed to look like table names. My favorites are the mini bunches of blooms cheerfully clustered in hot air balloons hanging above the tables! And guests will certainly remember Aiden for years to come with his milestone board on display. Adorable!

tableAtabletablebtable (3)

I have my eye on this tasty confection! The cake was beautifully swathed in sky blue fondant and decorated with clouds. The hot air balloon atop and the banner saying “Let Your Dreams Take Flight” just put me in the mood for a getaway!

cake (1)cake (2)

France is a much sought after destination for tourists traveling to Europe, so no travel-themed bash would be complete without paying homage to the country of romance. The dessert spread reflected the glamorous confectioneries of France. Situated in front of a brick wall, this station had a perfect mix of modern and classical elegance. The round topiaries created a spirit of still life. The desserts – which included a variety of cupcakes and chocolates – were housed under a red and white canopy matchy-matchy with the gingham table runners. And oh look! Aiden also had the famous Kit Kat cake topped with colorful nips!

sweets (2)sweets (1)

Adults equally love the party food spreads which were arranged into a beautiful display. The white lanterns and cherry blossoms significantly added character to the interior!


Kids also enjoyed tons of fun and engaging activities facilitated by the party hosts and entertainers.

show (1)show (2)show (3)

What a sweet family! And oh my do I love Little Mister A in his preppy style ensemble!

family (2)

Vendor listing and references:
Venue and catering: Milky Way Cafe
Event stylist: Party Please
Photography: Bea
Videography: Lemon Three Films
Main cake: The Cake Shack
Dessert candies: Candy Corner
Cupcakes: Cupcakes by Sonja
Hosting, storytelling, and Shadow Theater: Make Believe Productions


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