Sean’s Little Traveler Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Let’s join this little traveler on his journey around the world, shall we? Pack your suitcases, grab a map and get ready as we hop in this adorable little plane that will take us to Sean’s fun-filled adventure. With some travel themed party essentials on hand, Let’s Party by Olive made sure that they brought this theme to life. Lucky for us, Sugarpuff Photography captured everything wonderfully. One of the things that I like most about this theme is that you don’t need to go crazy with decorations. In fact, you can make a kid friendly impact complete with all the fun touches by using hot air balloons, globes, suitcases and planes!

To bring the whole outdoor vibe inside the party, blue and white details were used to prettify their ceiling.


Adding a dose of bright and happiness to the venue, they chose the perfect color and elements for their stage setup. They also put famous landmarks around the world to tie everything to the theme.

stage (2)stage (4)

Take a glance at their kiddie table setup, it even comes complete with thematic printables.

table (2)table (3)

Using planes, globes and suitcases for their table centerpieces, here’s a super easy way to incorporate the theme into the party. To add a personal touch to the setup, they showcased some of Sean’s darling portraits.

centerpiece (3)centerpiece (5)

From Sean’s cutie patootie cake by Joy San Gabriel to all those yummy candies, I bet their guests were in for a sugar high.

cake (2)sweets (3)sweets (4)sweets (8)sweets (9)sweets (6)

The talented team of Make Believe Productions made sure the fun never stopped during Sean’s party.

showsshows (4)

For their giveaways, they handed out these red and blue paper mache luggage bags to keep everything well connected with the theme.

favors (2)favors (4)favors

Here’s our little cutie traveler of the day, Sean.

family (3)

Vendor listing and reference:

Event styling: Let’s Party by Olive
Photography: Sugarpuff Photography
Hosting, entertainment, lights and sounds: Make Believe Productions
Foodcarts: Sweet Services
Cakes and cupcakes: Joy San Gabriel Medina
Photobooth: Wishes and Dreams
Sweet treats: Sean’s mom


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