Noah’s Outer Space Themed Party – 1st Birthday

And so the countdown begins for another fun journey to outer space! Complete with adorable astronauts, cutie aliens and galaxy galore, join us as we take a trip to the moon and back for Noah’s out of this world shindig.

A party that was filled to the brim with charming details, I saw lots of elements that really caught my attention. With Dianne Khu Designs as their event stylist, expect to see a fresher take to this theme. I’m not surprised to see tons of cute elements all cramped up into one party because Dianne Khu sure got a knack of introducing some fun variations into every setup. Using a delightful combination of chalkboard-ish vibes, lightings that give the setup the perfect glow and some awesome cardboard details, the whole installation made Noah’s party more gorgeous than usual. Covered by the wonderful team of Prime Focus Photography, better hang on because we are now ready for launching straight into space!

Starting the party with a blast, this “rocket launching” area at the entrance sure gives Noah’s guests something to be excited about. Also doubled as their photo-op backdrop, I bet their guests had utmost fun taking a snap or two here.


Their stage setup looks oh-so-pretty! Using the perfect amount of details, from the cute astronaut, rocket ship and stars, even Noah’s lighted letter standees contributed to the overall fabulousness of their setup. I just love how these different details complemented each other, it got the right amount of charm and pizzazz that makes it swoon-worthy.

stage (2)stage (1)stage (3)

A 100% “Outer Space”-themed party must have, check out their hanging solar system. Using various paper lanterns and stars made their ceiling treatment intergalactic ready.

ceiling (1)ceiling (2)

Spot-on! For their table centerpiece, check out this cute “Rocket over stars” chalkboard art and cutout combo. Also seen several alienified cakepops for their guests to enjoy. Yum!

table (5)table (9)tableAtableb

Greetings Earthling! Noah’s dessert spread definitely made me go ohhh-ing and ahhh-ing with all these adorable-looking sweet treat offerings! I love, love, love the alien cakepops and sugar cookies, they look super adorbs.

sweets (9)sweets (8)sweets (11)sweets (1)sweets (4)sweets (12)sweets (5)sweets (6)sweets (7)sweets (14)

Noah’s 1st birthday cake got “Space Adventure” written all over it. From the astronaut topper to those wacky-looking aliens, let’s not forget the galaxy-vibes at the bottom tier to complete the look.


Noah’s little friends get to bring home these cool swags from the different games and much more goodies from the party giveaways.

prizesfavors (2)favors (1)

Here’s the little cutie with his fambam.

family (1)family (2)family

Vendor listing and reference:
Event Styling: Dianne Khu Designs
Full Coordination: Celebrations Unlimited
Photography: Prime Focus Photography
Catering: Carlitos Lechon

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