Saree’s The Princess and the Pea Themed Pajama Party – 1st Birthday

The Princess and the Pea Book Theme Party Ideas

saree princess and the pea party cover

I always get excited when I start browsing the photos of the celebrations I write about. The popping colors and buzz of every bash are shown on each snap. So I’m super stoked to share with you guys this laid back but still seamless birthday feast – The Princess and the Pea Pajama Party! As fun as it gets, setting up these party can be a real hustle and bustle too. With the help of She Dreams in Ink, Mommy Suki and Daddy Erwin’s dream motif for Saree’s first birthday came true. The magic hands of Lia del Castillo of Events by Lia put everyone’s idea and effort together to bring out one of the sweetest days in the life of Santos Family. Thanks to JB Delgado of Little Big Stories, we can have a virtual tour of the party.

Welcoming the guests with this candid signage cut out. A very humble and fitting piece to lead the way to the chic blowout. Hi Saree!


How pleasing is this main setup to the eyes? Never thought that pastel pink and yellow can be an awesome pair. The stacked mattresses remind me of the bed that the queen made up for the princess in the Princess and the Pea story. So cute!


Of course, what is a ‘jammies night’ without a tent and fairy tale books?

main (5)

All the highlights of this day were placed on each table to join the diners while they munch on the scrumptious meal. Our little Saree’s adorable snap, that ever famous bed in its tiny version and the book that inspired this occasion.

tabletable (2)

This corner right here is made up of all things peachy. AngelClaire Creations- Weekend Baker is the creator of Saree’s charming naked cake topped with flowers and crown fitting for a royalty.


Color Play Happy took care of the little ones who had fun coloring, making clay crafts and painting stars and crowns while on their PJ’s. Feels just like home!

activities (1)activities (2)activities (3)(c) Little Big Stories Studio

Everyone took home these yummy goodies by The Midnight Chef as a gesture of Saree’s gratitude for joining her on this unforgettable day. Snacks before going to bed are the best.


Dreams are always sweet with these darlings around.

(c) Little Big Stories Studiofamily (18)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Venue: Vikings Luxury Buffet //Stylist: She Dreams in Ink //Photography: Little Big Stories // Coordinator: Events by Lia // Cake: AngelClaire Creations-Weekend Baker // Cookie Giveaways: The Midnight Chef // Crafts: Color Play Happy

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