Reece’s “Summer at the Hamptons” Themed Party – 7th Birthday

Summer Beach Theme Party Ideas


We’re definitely feeling the summer heat, but we won’t let it cramp our “party” style. We got a party inspo filled with pretty shades of pastels and a whole lot of fun beach vibes. Oh, and did we mention it has a unique theme too? Well, li’l Miss Reece did a tasteful number with a summer at the Hamptons-inspired fete for her 7th birthday that’s absolutely one for the books – thanks to the creative team of Bespoke Manila! Let’s don our sundresses and shorts as we dip our sandy toes into the colorful, classy celebration down at the East Side!

Reece’s invites were totally giving us the beach vibes with its bright coral and mint shades, polka-dotted floats, and striped umbrellas. It was equal parts adorable and sensible as it reminded guests what to wear – sundresses for the girls and shorts for the boys – for the fun fete!

invitation (3)

As the guests trooped to the beach, err, to the bash, they had a glimpse of Reece’s well curated growing up snaps while having fun at the sea – all set against a mint and aqua backdrop! It seemed that she absolutely loved the water even when she was younger, so yes, it’s a fitting theme indeed!

gallery (2)galleryA

What’s a Hamptons without its elegance? Drapes and paper lanterns in white bedecked the ceilings for a stylish, minimalist décor often found in East Side summer homes. But lest we miss the party is for a young lady, there’s charming chimes in pastels dangling from the ceiling as well.

ceiling (2)ceiling

We always love an enchanting stage setup and Reece’s definitely delivered! Filled with adorable beach elements and dainty details in mints and whites, it was such a dreamy snapshot of what a très chic summer getaway should be! We totally swooned upon seeing this.

stage (8)stageAstageB

Each table was adorned with a lovely centerpiece made up of vibrant blooms and topped with a poppin’ popsicle in peach, pink, and purple – definitely a nod to the tropical vibe! And every guest had a placemat done with Reece’s charming party theme elements!

table setting (4)tableA

Check out their kiddie tables setup! I love how the blue mats made it look like they’re playing in water.

kids table (2)kiddie tableA

A party’s never complete without the cake, and this one is definitely a certified scene-stealer! Crafted by the talented team at Sugarplum Pastries, the gorgeous, multi-layered bright confection is simply too divine to eat! It takes on a dreamy sandcastle trimmed with whimsical deets in darling pastels.

cake (1)cakeA

A bevy of sweets filled the dessert buffet with eye candy – literally and figuratively! Each cookie and cupcake is handcrafted with gorgeous details and done in delightful pastels.And yes, we spot bottles of milk to go with sweets, which is totally a winning combo in our books!

sweetsBsweets (2)sweetsA

There’s something for those who crave savory over sweet to whet their appetites. Flavored popcorn and peanuts in cute cups are great for sharing while making merry. Or how about a bite of sliders with chorizo instead of the usual patties? They served up yummy chori burgers in two’s – just enough to get you craving for more!


Cool off and head over to the Juice Station for some freshly squeezed pink lemonade! What can be more refreshing than the station’s mint-themed nook?


For a hefty dose of fun and laughter, there were amazing shows and activities prepared for the guests, young and old alike. Looks like the kids had a jolly time answering a couple of questions from the peppy host! To keep the (beach) ball rolling, there were games to be played and prizes to be won! Can you feel the excited vibe of these kids? And looks like Reece is no exception!

games (19)games (18)show (2)prizesA

Who wouldn’t want to watch a fantastic number with led dancing lights? Count us in, please!


As token of Reece’s appreciation, guests took home mini bags filled with beach essentials. They can slather on sunblock and cleanse with hand sanitizer while having frolickin’ fun under the sun!

giveaways (2)giveawaysA

Li’l Miss Reece looked beach-perfect with her sweet coral sundress and wide-brimmed hat to boot! We’re sure the young lady and her family is beyond gratitude to everyone who took the time to party ala summer at the Hamptons.

familyfamily (6)family (12)

Suppliers who made it all happen:
Coordination and planning: Bespoke Manila // Decorations: Sweet Nest Events // Table Centerpieces: Royal Flower Shoppe // Photographer: Nelwin Uy Photography // Cake and desserts: Sugarplum Pastries // Hosting and entertainment: The Jive and Alab Poi Dancers // Catering: 8 Spoons Catering // Invitations: Ria Pascual of Bespoke Manila // Light and sounds: Sensitivity

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