Gerald’s Army Themed Party – 7th Birthday

Military Theme Party Ideas


Atttteeenn-Shun! Get up and be ready for an explosively good time as we celebrate Gerald’s 7th birthday in an action-packed Army themed party! Little Red Riding Hood Design definitely deserves a medal for such outstanding party styling and turning our little soldier’s dream into reality. Check out these great shots by Everyday Sunday Studios!

Guests were first trooped towards Camp Gerald- the first checkpoint to the awesome party! The entrance was surrounded with dark green shrubberies and were covered in camo netting- used by real soldiers to shroud themselves and their artillery to avoid detection.


Up in the ceiling was a platoon of big round lanterns in camouflage colors.


Squads of kids and adults alike all wanted to rally forth and take pictures at the stage! Like a scene from an actual barracks, the set-up was complete with a wooden climbing board, hanging tires, ammunition and even a large tank used by soldiers for body conditioning & artillery practices!


The tables were all clothed in brown and had dark-green runners to match. Each table had a cool centerpiece of greeneries, a dog-tag and a miniature tank!

table (1)tableA

Check out Gerald’s cake! Three layers of scrumptious goodness, covered in camo colors of black, teal, dark green and caramel and a dog-tag set right at the middle- now this is, without a doubt, a treat worth fighting for!


Don’t forget to snag these nice giveaways! Every guest was given a gift pouch with goodies stored inside- because no soldier goes empty-handed!


With the support and guidance of such loving parents, Gerald will definitely grow up to be someone brave and dedicated to finish whatever challenge or obstacle he comes across with and do so with the utmost integrity- the makings of a true soldier.

familyAfamily (2)family (1)

Suppliers who made it all happen:
Stylist: Little Red Riding Hood Design // Photo: Everyday Sunday Studios // Videographer: Ripples of Life Photo & Video // Host: Alex Lagula // Entertainment: Alab Poi Fire and LED dancer // Food carts: Crafty Celebrations // Catering: 8 Spoons // Venue: Valle Verde

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