Lucio’s Supremely Superb Snoopy Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang Theme Party Ideas


Since he first appeared in Charles Schulz’s comic strip, Snoopy continues to be a favorite among the Peanuts characters. This cute and constantly daydreaming pet beagle may have even become more popular than Charlie Brown, the main character in the famous cartoon. It’s no wonder that our suave little birthday boy, Lucio, is turning a year old with Snoopy and the gang. Props to Style It Dainty for bringing this cartoon to life and turning a section of Vikings-MOA into a virtual Hennepin County where the Peanuts gang is thought to live.

Adorable photographs of Lucio and an equally delightful Peanuts arrangement greet his guests at the entrance. There’s a Snoopy standee on a red crate box, and Woodstock is comfortably nestled in his paws. Both are wearing huge, contented smiles on their faces. Isn’t that the best gesture of welcome? And even the small details are not hard to miss – the design on a string of pennants hanging on a wagon includes Pig-Pen’s cloud of dust, Peppermint Patty’s striped green and black shirt, the horizontal black and purple of Schroeder’s t-shirt and Charlie Brown’s signature yellow shirt with the black zigzag pattern. These and the roof of Snoopy’s red doghouse covered with colored light bulbs, all scream “Peanuts!”.

entrance (7)entrance (11)

The stage is like a scene straight out of the comic strip but without the thought bubbles. On one side is Linus preparing to take-off on his red airplane and after him is Lucy waiting to dispense her wisdom in her psychiatry booth. On the opposite end are Charlie Brown and Snoopy standing outside his house. Patty is on a wagon, happily waving hello. Once again the styling is exceptional as we can see even from the small details and the props used – the same string of pennants, Snoopy’s typewriter on the table and the iconic image of Snoopy the WWII fighter-pilot.

stage (2)stageAstageBstage (16)

The tables are decked with a small Snoopy standee and his bright red doghouse. Lovable photos of Lucio and a pretty arrangement of flowers completed this cute, fun table centerpiece.

table setting (7)table setting (5)

Lucio blew the candle on this wonderful 2-layer birthday cake from Baked by Rae. The first yummy layer is covered in yellow fondant with black zigzag pattern, a design inspired by Charlie brown’s trademark shirt. The second layer is covered in sky blue
fondant with a quilted pattern and fluffy, white fondant clouds. Lucio’s name is written in a thought bubble at the center of this second cake layer. Of course, the charming cake topper is a fondant Snoopy sitting outside his red doghouse where he does all his pondering and imagining. This cake was really sweet! …and we mean that literally and figuratively!

cake (1)cake (2)

Chayno played both host and magician at Lucio’s party. Here we see him all dressed up like a master showman with top hat and bright orange vest to match. Chayno also set up what the children think is the best part of a birthday party – the games! Here we see the children racing to win in a game of stack- cups. With such wonderful prizes to gain, the children certainly gave it their best shot.

gamesgames (2)

All the children went home happyily with a cool water bottle and a delightfully cute Snoopy kiddie stool in tow.

giveaway (6)giveaway (8)giveaway (2)

Sitting on the roof of his red house, Snoopy tells Woodstock, “Keep looking up. That’s the secret of life.” In this brightly colorful and cheerful birthday, a family turns a new page in their story that has just begun. This chapter is dedicated to Lucio – his first birthday is an important milestone after all. May the next chapters be filled with bliss and everything else his family hopes for!

family (2)family (4)

Suppliers who made it all happen:
Event Stylist: Style It Dainty // Photographer: Ren Faustino Photography // Video: Ripples of Life Photo & Video // Host and magician: Chayno Partyhostmagician // Cake: Baked By Rae // Souvenirs: Handicrafts,atbp. and Instamug // Food and Venue: Vikings-Moa


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