Julian’s County Fair Themed Party – 1st Birthday

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Think back to when we were young. What was the purpose of a county fair? Of course, it was about having fun! Fast forward to today, things haven’t changed that much; fun is still alive at county fairs. No matter the age, fairs have something for everyone, and so we don’t wonder why today’s birthday boy has had some version of county fair! Ready to take a tour at his fairground? Read on for your ticket to fun!

Mommy Jahz made sure to incorporate her creative prowess with Julian’s invitations. Look at this stand-in invite! Such a pretty and sparkly depiction of a carousel, all done in paper!


A lot of treats awaited the fairgoers as they arrived. Fair tickets? Fun guide? Wrist tags? Anything “county fair” you can think of, Julian had it all at his birthday party. Can you feel the excitement yet?

entrancedetails (2)details (1)

Casual is key at county fairs. After all, we want to be as comfortable as possible for the day’s fun and play. And so we admire how Pink and Peach styled the venue simply but beautifully with bright colors and balloons — enough to visually open up the space and bring out the kid in all of us.


Animals — big ones, little ones, and down right cute ones — were also part of the fair. Featured on stage with carousel and Ferris wheel on the side, they didn’t fail to attract the little city slickers.

stage (1)

Check out these themed puzzles and coloring activities made available for the little fairgoers to enjoy.

kids table

This four-tiered cake has all the things we wanted to see in a county fair. It highlighted our favorite fair foods, games, rides, and attractions, making it fit right into the bustling party scene!


Julian’s peep board is a win! Not only was it easy to put up, but it created some instant wacky costumes that his friends surely enjoyed in any series of snaps.


There was no cost for the kids to take part in any of these midway games. Aaah, how they bring back memories of going to the county fair as a kid. Which of these do you remember?

game booths

The fun didn’t stop with the games; Julian supplied a wide selection of prizes for the participants to vie for.

prizes (1)prizes (2)

Fair food can be hard to resist, it’s true! These food carts remind us some of the tasty goodies we might find at a fair’s food vendors, from sandwich to fries and ice cream.

carts (1)carts (2)carts (3)carts (4)

Julian even doubled down on the nostalgia factor by having Chayno and Golden Show to put on the best magic and acrobat shows, respectively.

show (1)show (4)

As his parting takeaway, kids got to bring home these boxes specially designed, again, by Mommy Jahz. Uh-oh, Martha Stewart — looks like you’ve got a little friendly competition on your DIYing hands! Teehee!


Here’s the birthday family totally in the county fair spirit at Julian’s party!

Family 4family (3)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: Pink and Peach // Invites and all printables: Mommy Jahz // Cake: Cupcake Mistress // Roving Photo man: Out of the Box // Host: Chayno // Acrobat: Abraham Velasco of Golden Show // Loot bag: Printed by Next Gen // Gamebooth: Rodeo Star // Food carts: Bo’s Coffee, Bean Leaf, Bocadillos, Potato Corner, Southern Dairy, Krispy Kreme, Crafty Celebrations

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