Enzo’s Orange Farm Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Oh my gosh, guys! I think my head is spinning with excitement as I write this feature because this party definitely made it to my list of cutest and coolest parties featured here in the blog. The thing with kiddie parties is that there is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing the theme. The possibilities are simply endless! With enough creativity and *ehem* craziness, you can add your own personal spin to the theme and make it your own. I can’t help myself not to feel extra happy when I see new themes come to life. In fact, if you’re an avid reader of this blog, you’ll notice how much I love featuring parties that have unique themes or unexpected twists. So why not add another party to that list? Yes, please!

What will you do if your little one loves oranges so much? Why, throw an orange farm party, of course! From its refreshing theme, vibrant color palette with a hint of rustic charm and easy styling, the laid-back feel of Enzo’s Orange Farm-themed party made me fall in love with this bash almost instantly. Taking a break from the usual “go big or go home” ambiance of kiddie parties we have grown to like, I love how this party balances simple and easy-on-the-eye details and gave it an air of elegance and fun. With pun intended, Enzo’s party is indeed full of zest! With Passion Cooks and Erika Marie Events on board as their event stylists, I expected nothing but pure gorgeousness from this team. Thanks to Happy Folks Studio who captured every angle and tiny detail of this bash, join us as we take you on a virtual tour to Enzo’s Orange Farm.

To give us a little insight on what goes on during the planning stage of this adorable party, here’s a short write-up from Enzo’s mom herself, Mommy Eunice.

“Enzo surprisingly loves oranges, so my husband and I decided to throw a citrus fest to go with the intense summer heat nowadays. We wanted the party to be bright, fresh and at the same time rustic, so the event revolved around the concept of an orange farm.

There were orange trees, benches, ladder, harvest hats, and free-flowing orange crush that made that summer day feel laid back and refreshing. The flavor of the cake was butter orange, which was also an instant hit to guests. Kids sang, played and danced as little farmers, and after a day of orange-fun, they were given bags of chocolate gold coins to celebrate a happy harvest. Of course, adults had their bags of citrus goodness in tow as well.

It was really an incredible day for us, to party and laugh with our close family and friends. Most especially, it was an awesome time for our little one, who was oozing with so much zest that day. We were surprised that he was as cheerful and flamboyant as the energy of the color orange. I guess Frank Sinatra is right, “orange is the happiest color.” 🙂

This pretty welcome setup greets the guests before they enter to the party area. Here, guests are encouraged to take their harvest hats to get them in the mood for a little harvesting fun!

entrance.fentrance (5).fentrance (4).f

Farm themed parties normally mean going outdoors but for Enzo’s bash they chose to bring the outdoor charm indoor. Giving us a taste of orange farm-ambiance complete with dose of rustic loveliness, the stage setup featured orange trees and some farm essentials to perfection!

stage (4).fstage (3).f

For Enzo’s party, they kept their table setting simple yet full of life. In general, orange is a warm and happy color and adding with a hint of green and brown to the mix, the whole set certainly boost my mood just by looking at it.

table (3).ftable (4).ftable.ftableA.ftable (1).f

From Enzo’s cake to the dessert offerings, oranges can be seen everywhere!

First off, let us take a minute to admire this orange-inspired cake! How cute is this? From the mini buntings to all the fondant oranges scattered around the cake, I was wondering at first what Enzo’s cake would look like and it turns out to be way cuter than I expected. I love how simple the design is yet super charming!

cake (1).fcake (2).f

From the cakelets, sugar cookies and donuts, even the sweet offering were color coordinated and matches the theme wonderfully.

sweetsB.fsweets (1).fsweets (3).fsweetsA.fsweets (2).f

They also served orange juice in those mason jars with orange paper detail and festive green striped paper straw. Yes, every detail counts.

drink (2).fdrink.fdrink (3).f

Exciting shows and fun games with tons of amazing prizes awaits the guests as they celebrate Enzo’s special day.


As per Mommy Eunice, kids played as little farmers throughout the party so the idea is to give money bags after a happy harvest. What a cute idea!

favors (1).ffavors (2).f

Sharing here some lovely snaps of their family. Check out how big Enzo’s smile is in these photos, so adorbs!

family.ffamilyA.ffamily (1).f


Vendors who made it all happen:

Venue: Corinthian Gardens Clubhouse // Event Stylist and Desserts: Erika Marie Events // Decorations and caterer: Passion Cooks // Photo Coverage: Happy Folks Studio // Cake and desserts: Sugarplum Pastries // Host: Sang Pascual // Chair Rental: Botafogo // Food Carts: Sweet Services // Entertainment: The Golden Show


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