Chase’s the Adventures of Tintin Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Looks like we’re going in for a very exciting adventure today as we tag along to Chase’s The Adventures of Tintin-themed party! Seriously, how cool is that? Filled with Tintin-approved details that scream nostalgia through and through, I just love how Pristine of Party Please made sure to squeeze in lots of cute elements to this party. With one of the most iconic characters in children’s book being brought to life, the world’s most famous traveling reporter together with his gang will charm us once again and show us how adorable this theme could be. So, will there be an impossible mission today? Nope, just a cute party for Chase.

Why, what a delightful entrance setup this is! Guests can even sit down in this wooden bench and take their selfie here for a souvenir shot.


Paper lanterns in blue, orange and white gave their ceiling an instant pop of color. Nothing too fancy, if you ask me, but we all agree how these colorful lanterns make everything seem extra jovial.


I like their stage setup! It looks so simple but has the perfect “classic” vibe to it. Aside from the life-sized Tintin standee, rocket ship and tent, of course, the set wouldn’t be complete without a touch of “The Adventures of Tintin” books being showcased in this area.

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Interesting. What could be inside all these gift boxes? Surely, nothing hazardous. For their table setup, these gift boxes were used as table centerpieces while these colorful balloons did a great job adding both height and festivity to the party. What’s up, Snowy?

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Blistering barnacles, how awesome is Chase’s cake? The details of this cake looks superb! Everything was made right down to a tee.


Even their buffet table, nacho bar and dessert table were styled to match the theme!

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Some fun games for the kids to keep them entertained throughout the party.


What do you think of these messenger bags? Totes adorbs!


Here’s the little cutie, Chase.



Vendors who made it all happen:

Event Stylist: Party Please // Cake: Cottontail Cake Studio // Dessert: Chocolate Room // Caterer: The Hearty Onion

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