Audrey’s Kokeshi Doll Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Konichiwa! Say hello to a party filled with only the cutest details from desserts to decorations, and even their table centerpieces look so much fun! Kokeshi Doll themed party is one of my favorite party themes since forever. For no specific reason, it leaves me happy every time I see one. What I love about Audrey’s party is that everything was done with only the right amount of charm and without going over the top. The subtlety of the decorations bring out its adorableness even more! Making the most out of the simple details, they used bright pops of colors mixed with a couple of mismatched prints that instantly injected a modern twist to this cheerful theme. So if you love all things kawaii then this party will surely make your day extra special. With Dianne Khu as their event stylist, let’s just say she covered every inch of Audrey’s party with as much gorgeousness as she can.


Their entrance area was adorned with this charming setup welcoming guests to Audrey’s party. To add a more personal touch to the setup, several lovely photos of this little cutie were also showcased here. Of course, a touch of Japanese culture is simply a must when throwing a Kokeshi Doll-themed party so these colorful Japanese umbrellas were the cherry on top.

EntranceEntrance Closeup

Everything about their stage setup spells sweet, girly and fun! Featuring an oh-so-cute Kokeshi Doll complete with Audrey’s marquee letter standees instantly brightened the venue (*pun intended). The mismatched pairing of the two prints at the background also gave the set a modern update and its own unique feel. What a refreshing sight, indeed.

StageStage 2

For their ceiling setup, paper lanterns were very much expected with this theme. To instantly add a dose of cheerfulness to the whole venue, these brightly colored lanterns wonderfully injected a splash of color to the ceiling treatment.


Origami or the art of paper-folding is one of the well-known tradition associated with Japanese culture. And with that, different paper arts were used to prettify the table setup in Audrey’s party. I specially love how they cleverly made and used those Kokeshi Doll paper rolls. They’re not only easy on the eye but functional too!


I am really impressed by how they carefully thought of every detail in Audrey’s party. Even the kids’ meals were served bento style! How cute are these Kyaraben (character bento) look? These details make the party extraordinary and instantly double the fun and excitement for everyone.

I’m quite smitten by Audrey’s cake created by Cotton Tail Studio, what an eye candy! From the colors used to the cute patterns around the cake, they made sure that there’s one solid look throughout the party. Every details were made flawlessly to match with each other making this party pretty darn cute, if you ask me.


I think I look like the Cheshire cat right now smiling as huge and wide as him simply by looking at these gorgeousness in front of me. Their dessert tablescape is overflowing – I repeat, overflowing – with tiny morsels of cuteness one after the other! From the cute Kokeshi doll cakepops and cupcakes, lovely Japanese fan sugar cookies, even those yummy looking desserts disguised as Japanese food, everything make my mouth water. I simply can’t choose a favorite coz everything in their dessert spread spells Y-U-M-M-Y.

sweets (1)sweets (9)sweets (2)sweets (3)sweets (4)sweets (5)sweets (6)

Hey, are you sure you can take more adorableness? I do!

sweets (7)sweets (12)sweets (8)sweets (10)sweets (11)sweets

A magic show and exciting games made the kids go oohh-ing and ahhh-ing in delight as they watched with full attention and participated in the fun while competing for the different prizes prepared for them.

Program (2)Program (3)Program (5)

Check out their giveaways! Even these super adorable pillows were specially made to match with the look of the party. I loooove it!

favors (2)

Here’s little Audrey looking all cute in her mini kimono!

family (10)

Special shout-out to Mommy Gel sharing with us Audrey’s fab party. Mwah!

family (1)


Vendors who made it all happen:
Venue: Mahogany 3 Clubhouse // Stylist: Dianne Khu Designs // Photographer: Bea Barretto of Life by Imagine Nation Photography //Cake and desserts: Cottontail Cake Studio // Giveaways: Pillow Me // Caterer and chairs cupplier: Bistro 109 Catering // Kids’ Meals: Bento Mommas // Host/Magician: Dale Rubio // Invitation, Kokeshi Party Pack: Sweets Designed on Etsy // Kimono: Koolmono // Crochet Sandals: Edita Edituke on Etsy

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