Zoe’s Lemonade and Cupcakes Themed Party – 7Th birthday

This party is pretty special to me because it features two of my favorite guilty pleasures – lemonade and cupcakes! Nothing compliments a warm (and sweaty) day than a glass of cold lemonade and well, I consider cupcakes my stress-reliever, so yes, I got a wee bit giddy when I received Zoe’s party in my inbox. I just love how Dianne Khu Designs put together this amazing party that instantly gives off a warm and zestful feel that I simply can’t help not to be drawn to it. Featuring a bright and refreshing eye-candy goodness, be sure to scroll down and get inspired by Zoe’s delightful lemonade and cupcakes themed party.

Here’s a little something from our event stylist of the hour, Dianne:

“All things cute, sweet, bright, and pretty – this exactly describes Zoe!

We were aiming for a summery “outdoor” setting that will instantly brighten up anyone’s day once they entered the room. Using lots of pink, yellow, chevrons, polka dots and floral paper cutouts, helped us achieved the perfect scene for Zoe’s party. Same goes with the lemonade, dessert and candy buffet, there’s no mistaking that these citrusy, sweet treats can make anyone happy.

We also had fun doing the custom centerpieces by combining both lemonade and cupcakes seamlessly. Just take a look at our lemon flower bulbs with cupcake liners and “lemon tree” with “cupcake” shrubs centerpieces, both comes complete with cheerful lemonade and cupcake quotes. The ceiling was adorned with pink & yellow lanterns and buntings for a more festive feel. We DIY-ed Zoe’s photobooth complete with handmade props to be sure everything ties up perfectly with the theme.

So if you’re down and out just remember – when life gives you lemons, make some lemonade!”


Filled with charming pink and sunny yellow details, the whole venue radiates a certain “cute-agious” energy that can make everyone feel relaxed and cheery.


True to their word, they managed to combine these two different elements nicely and made their centerpieces an instant lemonade and cupcakes themed perfection.

centerpieceAcenterpiece (4)centerpiece (2)

Yup, the cuteness keeps coming with their gorgeous dessert spread. From Zoe’s lemonade inspired cake that comes complete with a mason jar to all those adorable cupcakes and sugar cookies, there’s too much adorableness here.

cakesweets (9)sweetsAsweetssweets (13)sweets (11)sweets (8)sweets (5)sweets (4)

Of course, they need to have a lemonade stand in a lemonade party. It’s the ultimate detail to make this theme work.

drink stationdrink station (6)drink stationA

They shared lots of Zoe’s firsts and milestones with their guests via this wonderfully arranged memorabilia corner.

gallerygalleryAgallery (3)

Here’s their fun DIY-ed photobooth area for their guests to enjoy.


Happy birthday, Zoe dear!


Vendor listing and reference:

Venue: Ohana Place Condominium Function Hall
Event Stylist/Invitation: Dianne Khu Designs
Cakes/Sweets: Mommyluv’s Kitchen
Catering: Verleo Catering
Party Host: Chubster Flores



  1. Looks like it could make for a really nice party. I as well like cupcakes and lemonade. So many little decorations add up to one big party.

  2. Who doesn’t love lemonades and cupcakes?

    As always, I am in awe with this amazing concept. They never ran out of anything beautiful, do they?

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