Kodi and Alex’s The Lorax Themed Party – 7th Birthday and Baptismal Celebration

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax Party Ideas


Milestones are always cherished and are worthy of a fantastic celebration. Baptism and 7th birthdays are considered notable breakthroughs in a child’s life. Baptisms signify our membership in the Christian world while 7th birthdays mark a big leap from infant to a little (cute!) kid. And what a better way to celebrate than to have a double party. Another charming event under Bespoke Manila, keep on scrolling down for your daily dose of cuteness!

The family’s day started off with Alex’s baptism. Look at the whole family with their friends, happy, radiant and clad in white.

baptismal (4)baptismal (2)baptismal (1)baptismal (10)

After a solemn christening, the family proceeded to kick off Kodi’s Lorax-themed 7TH birthday!

The invite is simple but cute. It is a very artful rendition of the Lorax characters!

the lorax invites

Lorax and his friends, The Forest Critters welcomed all the guests. They would also direct you to all the fun parts of the party!

the lorax entrance (1)

Name tags are always a great detail. It makes it easier for everyone to have a new friend!

the lorax entrance (2)

The ceiling is adorned with these eye-catching paper pompoms. Color schemes are vibrant orange, purple, salmon and yellow. Adding to the design are light blue drapes.

the lorax ceiling

A very whimsical 3D, life-size, pop-up book with Lorax is the highlight of the stage.
 Too adorable!

the lorax stage (1)the lorax stage (2)

And you’ll see Lorax again on the guest’s tables, standing next to some colorful Truffula trees that reminds everyone how to enjoy the party!

the lorax table

This photo space is literally, child’s play! Aside from the bench and the furry seats, the highlight of this wall is Kodi’s momentous pictures in the background.

the lorax photowall

Ingrid’s Sweet Haven Patisserie went all out playful with this cake! Staying true to the feel of the movie, the cake is quirky but in a very delightful way. The bright diametric colors come together to make a very pretty party centerpiece.

the lorax cake (1)the lorax cake (2)

The dessert spread is set against a very dreamy background of clouds with a famous line from the movie. There were chocolate cupcakes topped with the movie’s characters and tasty cookies shaped in Lorax’s head and number 7. Plus, these carefully designed confectioners with famous dialogues from the movie looks pretty awesome. Wisdom and Sweets! Nice!

the lorax sweets (3)the lorax sweets (1)the lorax sweets (2)the lorax sweets (5)the lorax sweets (4)

Very entertaining magic show and ventriloquist! Just look at those happy (and lol-ing) faces of the kids. And of course, there were games for the kids at heart!

show (32)show (36)show (39)show (47)show (50)

How can you eat that very adorable Lorax cotton candy!

the lorax cotton candy cart

You can never go wrong with a bag full of chocolates and sweets as a party favor.

the lorax giveaways

A picture-perfect happy family!

family (3)family (16)family (17)

Suppliers that made it all happen:
Styling and coordination: Bespoke Manila // Cake: Ingrid’s Sweet Haven Patisserie // Cupcakes, Cookies and Cake pops: Sugarplum Pastries // Food: Enderun // Photo: Gatz Photography // Food Carts: Pouf, Frittery, Nacho King, Marley’s soft serve ice cream // Host: Laurence Lang Po // Additional Decorations: Sweet Nest

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