Johannes Paulo’s Vintage Aviator Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Airplane Theme Party Ideas


Do you dream of soaring high like birds and explore the sky? Come on and let’s take off to a turbulence-free aviation party for Johannes Paulo’s first ever birthday! Elegance by Bern definitely brought Top Gun brass with their excellent event styling. Check these great shots by Dustein Sibug!

How adorable are these little paper plane box invitations? These pilot invites made by her mom Pauline of Whimsy + Chic Invites were each sent out to the guests inside brown envelopes.

invitesinvites (1)

Guests passed through a bright boarding gate into JP Airways. They can also do a quick photo ops on the sides, I know I would.


One could not help but look up and admire the display of cumulonimbus balloon clouds hanging high up the ceiling. The glow of lights on the sides complemented well with the whole setup.

ceiling (1)ceiling (2)

Time for some action, grab your gears and head for the hangar! The stage was brilliantly made to look like a rustic airplane shed for fighter pilots.

stage (2)

Each table was clothed in sky blue linens and had a teddy bear pilot with miniature plane, some fresh floral arrangement and other themed details right on the middle.

table (3)

The kids hurdled together in benches with more personalized details.

kiddie tableguests

Now this is the destination I’d fly over to! Check out this large three layered cake of pure awesomeness! Beautifully detailed to look like the sky with cloud patterns and light blue hues.

cakeAcake (4)

Jet lag? We got you covered! Get some inflight treats at the sweets corner and choose from an assortment of classic chocolate chip cupcakes, airplane sugar cookies and many others!

sweets (5)sweets (6)sweets

See the kids having fun posing at the photowall.

photowall (3)photowall (2)

They also showcased some of the cutest photos of JP in this wonderfully styled gallery.


We hope you’ve enjoyed your flight, don’t forget to take these awesome souvenirs from JP Airways! From little toy planes, wooden kiddie stools, personalized plane key chains and a whole lot more.

giveaways (2)giveawaysgiveawaysAgiveawaysB

Life is like a long journey full of obstacles & windy challenges, but pilot Johannes will surely grow up getting through them all with his family’s endless support and loving navigation.

family (6)family (5)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Invites: Whimsy + Chic Invites // Event Stylist, Host & Entertainment: Elegance by Bem // 3D JP Airways Marquee Sign: Patrick Odchimar // Photographer: Dustein Sibug // Cake & dessert: Heavenly Indulgence by Aileen Lee Eleazar and Pasteleria Manila // Venue: Mallberry Suites Hotel // Wooden luggage coin bank giveaways: Wooden Kiddie Stools and a lot more // Felt aviator hats for the teddy bear & felt plane keychains: Ribbons & Scissors // Felt Aviator Boy: Ant’s Pocket // Food carts: Nenecitas Sorbetes and Taters

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