Dylan’s Happy Hundred Acre Wood Themed Party – 2nd Birthday

Classic Winnie the Pooh Theme Party Ideas


Do you enjoy catching honey bees & hanging by tree branches to watch the moon light? Then come and join little Dylan as he celebrates his 2nd birthday with Winnie the Pooh and pals! Twinhouse Creatives brought this classic storybook to life with some great detailing & inner-child magic! Check out these amazing shots by Everyday Sunday studios.

The main area was mesmerizing to both kids & adults alike because of the realistic forest garden backdrop, complemented with oak logs and some shrubberies. Oh, and look! There’s Winnie the Pooh and piglet thinking of ways to get more honey.

mainmainAmain (2)

Each table was elegantly clothed with white linen and had a personalized Winnie the Pooh-theme quotes as centerpiece to match.


Everybody gathered around this charming cake full of cute toppers! Two yummy layers of cake each having its own pattern. The base layer had a mint-like hue and dotted with little green & yellow buntings. The next layer looked like a real block of wood and had Dylan’s name engraved right at the center.

cakecakeAcake (2)

Who wants honey?! Head on over to the sweets corner and take a bite or two of these yummy-looking desserts. From sunny-yellow & grassy green frosted cupcakes to little sugar donuts that each came with a little bee and other sugary treats.

sweetssweets (4)sweets (3)sweets (2)sweets (1)

Everyone watched in awe and laughter as this bubbly trickster shaped colorful balloons into all sorts of shapes and objects!


Cherish this awesome party and take these adorable giveaways home! Everyone took home little personalized kiddie stools that came in white, blue, yellow-green and light purple. Of course, lots of Winne the Pooh story books were also given to Dylan’s little friends.

giveawaysgiveaways (2)giveawaysA

Their friends & family surely had a blast taking some souvenir snaps at this fun photowall! A life-size Winnie the Pooh storybook set with oak tree stumps and greeneries.


“We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.” – Winnie the pooh & Christopher Robinson

family (2)family (6)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: Twinhouse Creatives // Photo: Everyday Sunday Studios // Cake: Lara Yap // Caterer: The Creamery // Host: Bravo David Aristorenas

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