Jayla’s “Tangled” Themed Party – 7th Birthday

Tangled Movie Theme Party Ideas


High up in a stone tower deep in the forest, is a captive princess with none but hope in her heart and the courage to set herself free and live her dream. So it goes in Tangled, the Disney animation of the classic tale Rapunzel. Like all the Disney princesses, Rapunzel is a lovely and fearless heroine adored by pretty young girls with as much charm, wit and pluck. One such young lady is Jayla, who is celebrating her 7th birthday, and her family gifted her with a magical celebration like no other. The events team from 4th Wall has poured all its creative juices to create a Tangled storybook birthday for her. Let’s experience every page in Jayla’s storybook as it is captured in the brilliant photos by Starfish Media.

Every year on her birthday, Rapunzel has watched from her window a wonderful scene of bright glowing lights rising in the night sky. 4th Wall captures the magic of the floating lanterns in the ceiling which they decorated with a combination of white paper lanterns and purple pennants with the golden flower insignia of the Kingdom of Corona. It does lend a feeling of enchantment… a sensation of sublime freedom, floating among the lanterns in the clouds.

ceiling (1)ceiling (4)

What kind of magic is this? Lo and behold – a stage beyond compare! Just like in the movie, the stage is set with an actual tower, and trees and shrubs all around it. And the best part yet – a replica of the boat in the lake scene where Rapunzel and Flynn realized their dream. It can’t be any more fascinating than this…

main (4)

The tables are a picture of simple elegance, dressed in powder pink and crisp white cloth, and set with fine, silver cutlery. At the center are important symbols from the movie – the paper lantern for hope, the golden flower for healing, a cast-iron pan which is a kitchen implement that Rapunzel uses as a weapon (that’s girl-power for you) and the flowers that may stand for her optimism and colorful outlook in life.

tabletable (1)

Jayla’s cake is an awesome three-layer sweet treat covered in light pink marshmallow icing and smothered with vines of pretty flowers going around it. Perched on the cake is the tower with its solitary window and a Rapunzel doll looking like she’s ready to take on the world…

cakecake (2)

With the legacy of artists in her family, Jayla’s talent for singing, dancing and theatre are showcased in a captivating program for her guests.

show (1)show (7)show

There isn’t a dull moment in this birthday bash… Jayla’s guests can get creative making bracelets and embellishing paper boxes with beads, sequins and flowers in the Craft Booth. Guests can also experience the thrill of the trapeze in the bungee-trampoline.

activities (2)activities (4)

The party comes alive when Jayla’s guests, both young and “older”, enjoy exciting games.

games (6)games (5)games (1)

Apart from the cake and the games, children also look forward to the goody bags they get to bring home after the party. These fun Tangled tote bags will soon be strapped on the shoulders of Jayla’s young guests. Will the goodies hiding inside the bags survive the ride home or will curiosity and excitement give in?


For wacky, zany Instagram photos, Jayla’s guests join Flynn Ryder on these Wanted posters. This is one great take-home from an awesome birthday!

photo-op (2)

Like the floating lanterns lighting up the sky, Jayla’s VIP guests graced the celebration and made it a truly star-studded affair. Among her guests were veteran actors and actresses, and other big personalities in the entertainment world.

guests (10)guests (11)guests (2)guests (12)guests (17)

“So much to see, So much to do, So much adventure, Waiting for you…”

In the story of her life, Jayla the heroine is certain to bask and grow in the sunlight of her family’s love. She will dream new dreams and pursue her “ever-after” with spirit and optimism as she continues to look up to her parents whose love will never fail her.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: 4th Wall // Photo: Starfish Media

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