Dylan’s Eclectic Travel Themed Party – 1st Birthday

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For those with a bad case of wanderlust, there’s always a desire to go somewhere far and have a taste of the unknown. And we think this rings true—even if we have a kid or two. Li’l Dylan celebrated his first birthday like a true young jetsetter with a travel-themed party. With Gideon Hermosa at the helm, the fete was such a stylish intimate affair that had us swooning. Everything was dreamy, picture-perfect, and of course, captured through the lenses of Mike Sy Photography. So let’s hop on the plane and strap our seatbelts on ‘cause we’re ready for take off!

At the entrance, guests were welcomed by a flying plane up in the sky. What struck us most was how the fluffy clouds were made more heavenly with stems of baby’s breath. Take a closer look and be blown away by the charming arrangement of asters and drop lights that are oh-so dainty and fabulous.

entranceentrance (2)

What’s traveling across the islands without blue skies and white clouds? That is, perhaps, what’s on Gideon’s mind when he spruced up the ceiling with hundreds of balloons and thousands of baby’s breath for a whimsical installation! Even if the palette was down to two, we love how the various shades of blue—aqua, electric, and baby—made for a gradient look when paired with white. And in true Gideon Hermosa fashion, he had asters filling up the spaces for an ethereal feel.

ceilingceiling (2)

It was a no-frills fete, but cozy enough for friends and loved ones to enjoy. Rather than having a stage, the playfully chic dessert table became the highlight, as Dylan’s name lit up the background. It was a perfect nook for everyone to gather and chitchat while picking a few sweets on their merry way.

mainsweets (2)

Sweets definitely took the spot, as Dylan’s cake is surrounded by an assortment of goodies to feast on. There were scrumptious sugar cookies, delectable cake pops, and a wonderful tower of meringue—all done with the palette and theme in mind. And looking at the yummy selection, we bet everything tastes like heaven!

sweets (1)sweets (3)sweets (5)sweets (4)

Dylan’s cake is a gorgeous four-tiered creation that playfully depicted his future travels. And we agree that we can take off to the skies—even with just a hot air balloon! We absolutely love how there seems to be a scene on the cake, look down and you’ll be amazed with the detailed scenery (and greenery!) on the ground.

cake (2)cake (3)cake (1)

It’s only fitting that an intimate affair such as this is relaxed enough to be enjoyed. Tables were elegantly styled in a carefully thought out fashion. We love how various flowers filled the center and covered the entire length of each table. Mind you, no floral arrangement looked the same, which was such a pleasant surprise!

table (13)table (7)

Flowers were thoughtfully arranged in low heights as well to make sure that everyone can see and talk to each other.

table (5)table (8)

With the lovely ceiling décor, it’s as if everyone is dining under a beautiful sky!

table (2)

We’re positive that young Dylan will grow up to enjoy the perks of having well-traveled parents and hopefully, a thirst for adventure and the unknown. And as Dr. Seuss once wrote, “Oh! The places you’ll go!”

family (2)family (4)

Suppliers who made it all happen:
Stylist: Gideon Hermosa // Photo: Mike Sy Photography // Cake and desserts: Sugarplum Pastries // Coordination: Events Artistry

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