Erielle’s Mermaid Themed Party – 1st Birthday

I instantly fell in love with Ariel the moment ‘The Little Mermaid’ first swam into my heart – who has not secretly wished for a red bouncy hair like hers? She is the absolute epitome of a mermaid’s grace and beauty, so no matter how old we get, she is still the one whom every girl wants to be. And because what makes her different also makes her lovely, this animated classic continues to be a popular party theme.

One mom has developed a love for Ariel since she was a little girl – and often daydreamed about her own newborn celebrating a bash centered around the sea, well mermaids in particular. Her fanciful dream ultimately came true when she gave birth to a baby girl as beautiful as her almost namesake – Erielle. When her underwater princess turned one, she threw her a fin-tastic bash styled by Pamie’s Party Prints. Full of clusters of shells, colorful urchins, and giant seaweeds, the scene was a perfect seascape! The pretty color palette of coral, lavender, and sea-foam green was so inviting that you just want to catch a wave and swim on over. The song of Sebastian now rings some truth, “Under the sea, darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter.” I am spellbound and can’t say anything else! Just keep scrolling through because the photos captured by Reden Villahermosa will tell the story in full. Take a deep breath for your deep dive into fun, mer-peeps!

Swim rings were tossed into the entryway to make a big statement and encourage jumping in! Their gorgeous pops of design and color offered a sunshine-y welcome to all who enter.


This setting was transformed into an underwater bastion for everyone to explore. The under-the-sea-themed backdrop, DIY sea urchins and corals, DIY balloon bubbles, sea chest, and adorable sea life cutouts conjured up the feeling of calm tropical seas. Royal thrones were also set up for the mermaids and mermen to sit upon! Seashell cutouts were placed aback of the chairs for a realistic underwater feel and were adorned with jewels onto the end of the ridges for an extra touch of royalty. The letter standees wrapped with fish scale pattern beautifully matched the scene.

main (1)main (5)main (4)

The ceiling breathed a cool sea breeze with the clusters of cheery pom-poms and lanterns that came in ocean colors and patterns.

ceiling (3)

Paired with pink and aqua cloths, I love how the fish net runners gave the tables a sea-sational look! The sea life assortments atop the table also set the scene! The mason jars wrapped with knotted jute and glass vase with elements inside created an interesting outdoor living space. The chairs, on the other hand, provided a royal seating for the mermaid princess and her friends! The darling ribbons looped around the top of the chair and trailing to the ground created a really stunning effect.

table (3)table (16)table (7)table (14)tabletable (1)

The cake was sheer perfection! Nothing feels quite as special as lavender and sea-foam green towering confection flanked by fondant fish scale, shells, weeds, and corals, and topped with intricate fondant mermaid masterpiece sat high on a rock.

cake (1)

The sweet station was the pearl of the bash. The backdrop which was inspired by the colors of Ariel allowed the desserts to really show off their beauty! The ornate signage and dessert stands mimicked those treasures from a sunken ship – and their neutral color allowed the desserts to pop! Cupcakes, cake pops, jellies in a jar, and chocolate bars were some of the many desserts at this bash. The paper cones, straws, and drinking bottles also got an under-the-sea treatment.

sweetssweets (15)sweets (16)sweets (14)sweets (7)sweets (13)sweets (9)sweets (4)sweets (11)

The photo op area was like a spring-y laid-back place under the sea! Who can resist taking lovely photos in this swing decked out with bright blossoms, streamers, and lanterns? I think anyone would look extra lovely right in the middle.

photo op

There were plenty of mermaid goodies up for grabs. Kids also loved snatching up prizes from the pabitin.

prizes (2)prizes

Mermaid bags containing whozits and whatzits galore were handed out to everyone before they swim home.

favors (2)

Erielle was sure to make a splash in her glam mermaid dress! Ah, there really is something magical about pretending we have a tail and flopping around in the water!

family (17)

It was a happily ever after for the royal parents and their mermaid princess!


Vendor listing and references:
Event styling: Pamie’s Party Prints
Photo coverage: Reden Villahermosa of RedVill Photography
Cake, cupcakes, and cake pops: Cakeistry CDO by Chef Awi Chaves

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