Lia’s Under-the-Sea Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Summer is the season for deep sea adventure – and Little Matters used this favorite outdoor daylight experience as a jumping-off point for this whimsical under-the-sea first birthday bash. Thrown for little Lia, the party was held at Acropolis Clubhouse. The setting kept the soothing hues of aqua, mint, and white with hints of blush and peach accents. It was a feminine, summery palette that felt perfect for the celebration. With all the jewels of the sea, a craft corner, and fun food stations, this bash went swimmingly. Oh my goodness what a darling party! Dive right into this post and explore the beauty under the sea as captured by Photographer Denise Llanos Dee.

The entrance was adorned with paper lanterns, paper medallions, and pompoms. To create an underwater feel, white tulle and bead garlands were draped on the entryway. You can’t have an under-the-sea bash without fish, right? So, some of the lanterns were transformed into fish to make guests feel as though they are swimming in an underwater wonderland. I love the way the long crepe paper streamers would slightly flutter in the breeze!

entrance (1)entranceentrance (2)

I want to slowly kick my flip flops off and soak in the sun upon seeing the stage! The entire set captured the ethereal essence of an underwater kingdom with its fish scale backdrop made of red and green fabrics. It was decked out with crepe paper streamers, paper lanterns, rattan ball lanterns, and pompoms. There were also fish ornaments and LIA 3-D letters put up on the sand.

stagestageAstage (2)

The blue and lavender ceiling drapes got that aquatic fun and cool feeling! It was also decorated with balloons made to look like bubbles.


Perfectly-hued cloths were tied up over the photo op area. A collection of wooden folding stool, custom cubes, framed photos, lanterns, and pompoms made the perfect space for guests to take snapshots. I can feel my hair swirling in the ebb with the glitter tulle which created the vibe.

photo op (1)photo opA

The tables were dressed up with white silk sheets and paisley-printed runners. Different sets of centerpiece were used on each table to play up the underwater feel. Some tables looked great with a vintage lantern, pastel blooms, and sea creature figurines, while some tables were perked up with a framed “L”, round glass marbles, and glass vessel filled with sand and twigs. I love how the sand and shells were creatively packaged in a mason jar to create a little beach scene.

table (9)table (3)tableA

Lia’s cake was an eye candy! My favorite elements are the starfish and “1” crafted for this completely gorgeous seaside confection. The aqua ombre ruffles looked exactly like sea waves! Perfect!

cake (1)

The dessert table was simple and sweet. It was embellished with white tulle and scalloped aqua table skirt which made it a nice focal point in this underwater bash. A white trellis panel styled up with pompoms and a dolphin illustration was used as backdrop. Guests were treated to gourmet desserts and sweets that included macarons complete with edible sparkly pearls inside, seashell cupcakes, and meringue barnacles. I found inspiration when I spotted the meringue laid on crushed crackers and the use of tree round with doily as a platter. This bash is so clever!

sweets (1)sweets (14)sweets (10)sweetssweets (17)sweets (19)sweetsA

And if the desserts are not enough to leave you in awe, then just look at these extra sweet surprises – ice cream and taho carts!

cart (1)cart (2)

The greatest activity of the day had to be the sea creature painting for kids! The area was sprawled with a foam play mat and the wooden folding tables were set with baskets filled with little brushes and paints. Kids were kept busy as they drip, drop, and splatter colorful paint onto the paper-mache sea creatures.

activities (4)activities (8)activities (1)activities (7)

Vendor Listing and References:

Venue: Acropolis Clubhouse
Arts and Crafts Booth, Dessert Buffet, and Styling: Little Matters of
Photography: Den Llanos Dee Photography
Caterer: Albergus
Hosting: Flooch
Souvenirs: Jelly Bellies


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