Ian’s Little Man Traveller themed party – 2nd Birthday

Living for the thrill of adventure and constantly dreaming of new places to visit? Pack your bags now and buckle up because here is the perfect theme for you!

Ian had a Little Traveller bash for his second birthday. The LIPS Events Services even personalized the theme by tying in a hip vibe – what a fresh take on a classic birthday theme, yes? The party itself was full of cute mustache, bow tie, top hat, and glasses elements plus vintage and rustic travel decorations. Any sort of blue, white, and black trimmings suited the color scheme of the theme perfectly. The texture and color choices were very young and masculine. I really wish that I was one of the cool kids as Pink A Boo Studio captured all of the awesome party niceties.

Guests were sent to a sweet travel adventure as they entered the party venue. There were chevron arrows directing them to the different party areas. Standing on one side of the table was a party frame that has the photo booth sign. Bow tie and mustache cutouts were attached to long sticks to make a fun photo prop.


Every little detail on the stage was ‘stached and everything vintage was hipsterized. This special space is almost overwhelming – with a world map backdrop; punch art debonair top hat, glasses, and mustache; balloons; IAN 3-D letters; an airplane glider hanging by the dessert table; blue paper lanterns turned into globes; and blue ceiling drapes – but it’s the life-sized cardboard stand-up of the little man that really put me over the edge. Look at that chuckle! Adorable! It made the theme come alive. This was the bomb! Genius!

stage (2)stage (3)stage

To complete the “around the world” feel of the party, check out these Globe-inspired paper lanterns hanging at the ceiling.


The tables were set with red and blue linens. It’s like you’ve got the whole world in your hands as ‘stached pompoms, suitcases, and globes filled the table centers. Their table set up also showcases framed photos of Ian and his parents, darling pieces such as “2” and “Little Man” party circle, and a fluffed pompom put up in a box covered with printable striped paper. Everything was spruced up with the mustache glued on.

table (1)tableA

The special celebration called for a gentleman-inspired cake, too. Ian had this white two-tier cake topped off with fondant chevron patterns. Its unique design made it a great eye candy! I love the modern color combination, along with wooden crates used as cake stand.


These are obviously lovely shabby-chic pieces of furniture that were used as a dessert display. They have grass rugs underneath to give them more stability and less slippage, I guess. The punch art glasses and mustache were simply dreamy. In front was a boatload of Ian’s photos which added dimension and style to the sweet station. This is my favorite part of the dessert table because he absolutely has turned into a little gent with that perfect little sir outfit.

sweets (5)sweets (10)sweets (3)sweets (11)sweets (20)sweets (21)

For the actual desserts, the little party travelers were sugared up with candies in glass vessels, cupcakes with fondant and paper toppers, bite-sized cookies with fondant toppers, red and white cake pops, rice crisps dipped in white and red melts, and mallows dipped in chocolate – all decked out with oodles of bow ties, mustaches, and chevron patterns.

sweetsBsweets (1)sweets (15)sweets (17)sweetscsweets (8)sweetsA

Vendor listing and reference:

Event Stylist and Coordinator: LIPS Events Services
Cake & Desserts: The Cake Room
Photographer: Pink A Boo Studio

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