Raphie’s Finding Dory Themed Party – 3rd Birthday

Everybody loves the cute little blue tang who wants to just keep on swimming. Finding Dory is one of the best Disney/Pixar films there is and no wonder, one of the top choices for a theme when throwing a birthday party. For Raphie’s 3rd birthday, I love how Lips Events and Services was able to turn the venue into a marine haven! From the colors to the different details, this intimate celebration looks adorbs. Why don’t we dive in and join the party?

Family and friends were greeted by Dory with this sign. We all know she suffers from short-term memory loss, so we have to hurry and go inside while she still remembers which way — or maybe not.


Above, blue and white drapes hanging from the ceiling, the colors of sky and ocean respectively with white balloons floating there like cloud packs. Also, who would have thought that paper lanterns can be shaped and looked like fish? So cute!

ceiling (2)

Having the main cast present as the backdrop from Dory, in a shell, the father and son tandem Nemo and Marlin, Squirt, Bailey and Mr. Ray. Colors of Regal Blue, Pastel Pink, Light Blue and Orange made the event more vibrant.

main (3)

Adding the main characters on each table as centerpiece is definitely a catch. Here, you can see Nemo and Dory sitting comfortably. With ferns underneath adding a realistic touch.

tabletable (2)

The Cake Room did an impressive artwork for Raphie’s two-tier cake. Details such as seaweeds, sea shells, sea sponges, even our little Squirt was there floating somewhere. While Dory remained as the topper, of course. This cake is such a winner.

cake (2)

On the dessert table, there’s macarons and cookies shaped as shells and starfishes. Cupcakes and chocolate cakepops with the characters on it. I know you’ll agree that they’re all too pretty to eat.

sweetsAsweetssweets (3)

There’s Under the Sea Pinata for the kids to enjoy too. I love that it was shaped like the number 3!


Guests were given a pail of treats as a token for celebrating the wondrous birthday of Raphie.


Vendors who made it all happen:

Stylist: Lips Events Services // Cake and pastries: The Cakeroom // Photo: HM Venegas Photography


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