E-za’s Finding Dory Themed Party – 1st Birthday

We’re in for some splashin’ time as we take a dip into E-za’s Finding Dory party! How to throw the ultimate Dory-inspired birthday bash? With a pool party, of course! We all know what Dory says: “Just keep swimming”… and that’s what E-za and her guests did. Floaters were provided upon arrival so that everyone, no matter the age, can enjoy the water. Everything was conceptualized by Mommy Nina, and it’s a good thing she got Party Express at the helm for the set-up and design.

Party Express had fun toying around with the elements of the theme:
“I love how creative and imaginative Mommy Nina was! She contacted us through Facebook 2 months prior to her baby’s birthday. She already had a specific theme in mind and that is Finding Dory (because her baby loves it so much)! Since we noticed that the said theme has been circulating around the net, we felt happy that we can finally work and play with that theme. We had a super fun celebration because it has a lot of educational games and pool activities. Mommy Nina’s main plan was to have a party where the kids and the adults can learn many things from. Also, the highlight of the party was of course the pool area where they can swim and have fun. The venue was a good choice! We were really happy during that time and up until now because everything is well conceptualized and interrelated. From the nature of the theme itself which is water, this party truly captures the essence of the said theme. Truly, the kids had a super fun party with baby E-za and Dory. They went home with their floaters which welcomed them upon their arrival and also served as their souvenirs at the same time. Many thanks to the awesome suppliers here in Bacolod City.”

These moments captured by Cy Gorres of Pink A Boo Studio show how fin-tastic the party was! So get out of your fish tanks and let’s swim over to the party pool!

Guests were greeted by none other than Dory and her friends in this cheerful little nook. With Dory at the midpoint, the area was also flanked by water cuties Destiny, Nemo, Squirt, Jenny and Hank. Pastel-colored Japanese lanterns took in the guise of jellyfishes and those corals also added life to the set-up. Check out E-za’s name! If you look closely, that is a floating fish making up for a dash! I absolutely love that small detail!


The cake was such a thing to look at with all those under-the-sea details. Seaweeds, starfishes, sea sponges and sea shells have never looked so cute and yummy! Dory and Marlin tops this 2-tier sweetness, which o-fish-ally makes this cake one of our favorites.


I am totally smitten by all the a-Dory-ble sweet treat at this party! The Cake Room’s sweet creations are just too good to eat! Presented as sugar cookies, cake pops, jellos, and cupcakes, I won’t be surprised if Dory and her friends were able to swim their way to Instagram and Pinterest.


Guests, both the kids and kids at heart, got to enjoy the wonderful pool! Fear of the deep should not be an excuse, since E-za had provided floaters to her guests, which also served as their take-home treat. Pretty neat, right?


Everybody had a splash at E-za’s birthday bash!


Here’s the birthday girl sporting Dory’s colors: blue and yellow. E-za sure enjoyed her pool party, because it looks like she doesn’t want to be disturbed in her swim even for a photo.



Vendors who made it all happen:
Set-up and Design: Party Express Bacolod // Photo Coverage: Pink A Boo Studio // Cake: Kyy Cakes and Cupcakes // Desserts: The Cake Room // Hosted by: Ishy Irish // Venue: VMA Training Center // Caterer: Juna’s Food and Catering Services


  1. good morning,
    Id love to know where i can get this backdrop, the character cut outs and also the coral reef decor
    my daughter loves finding nemo and your girly nemo party has inspired me!!!

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