Enzo’s Smashing Hulk Themed Party – 4th Birthday

Marvel Hulk Theme Party Ideas


Are strong and green superheroes your thing? Join us on a smashing adventure as we celebrate Enzo’s 4th birthday with a Hulk-themed party! Saira Yap toppled buildings with her epic styling! Check out these snaps by Oh Callie Studio.

Behind a spectacular display of green balloons, the gigantic and towering Hulk stood guard at the entryway. It was definitely eye-catching and offered everyone a taste of the excitement the party would bring!

entramce  0004entrance  0018

High up on the ceiling was a captivating cluster of different shades of green balloons and green vines; it represented the forest where Hulk generally practices meditation and strength training.

ceiling  0046

The stage was a “green-erific” masterpiece. Balloons were all huddled together with what appeared to be a wall smashed around by the Hulk! Partygoers surely took advantage of the excellent stage to take a few selfies.

stage  0022

Each table was covered in black and had a towering Hulk centerpiece. It was a lot of fun putting everything together.


As an added bonus to keep the kids occupied while they waited for their delicious meals and thrilling activities, the kids got to sit together at these wonderfully decorated tables that featured more Hulk action figures.

kiddie table  00008kiddie table  0044

Just take a look at how meticulously made Enzo’s cake is; even the Incredible Hulk would be thrilled to get his hands on this delicious pastry.

cake  0025

Need a quick sugar fix to get those Hulk genes going? Well, look no further! Choose from an assortment of desserts at the sweet corner!

sweets  0074sweets  0062sweets  0065sweets  0083sweets  0086sweets  0088sweets  0094

Food carts, anyone?

cart  0101

Avengers assemble! The Hulk and the other Marvel superheroes were all happy to have a merry time with Enzo for his birthday.

show  0013

Everyone had such a fun time with friends and family doing all sorts of activities that were perfectly planned for this special occasion.

show  0168show  0111show  0133show  0005show  0180side  0073

No one goes home without a goodie bag! To remember this amazing celebration, each guest received a perfume, a custom bag, and a tumbler.

giveaways  0042giveaways  0078cart  0075

The strength and power of the Hulk can always be matched with the love of family.

family  0024family  000015family  0006

Vendors who made it all happen:
Venue: Quest Hotel Clark | Photo: Oh Callie Studio | Stylist: Saira Yap | Food Carts: K&C Party Booths

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