Rylie’s Terrific Tea Party – 2nd Birthday

Dainty Tea Party Ideas


Is it time for tea? Although hosting a tea party is practically unheard of in the Philippines, most young girls dream of it. And yes, it’s our cup of tea, too. (Bridgerton, anyone?) It’s the perfect excuse to wear frilly dresses, eat cakes, and raise your little pinky as straight as it can be! For Rylie, it’s the perfect theme for her second birthday. Stylist Saira Yap made the affair as dainty and pretty as possible. Check out the lovely snaps from Oh Callie Studio to see why we’re swooning with delight!


The entrance to Carmelita Resort & Events Place was transformed into a whimsical, lovely place for a wonderful afternoon tea party. Pastel-colored balloons, stacks of teacups, and fancy blooms welcomed guests and loved ones. And yes, the set reminds me of Cath Kidston meets Alice in Wonderland.

entrance _0023 copyentrance _0045

The entrance isn’t the only impressive sight at the party; wait until you’re inside! Overhead, blooms and balloons totally transformed the ceiling as if you were underneath an enchanting canopy. We loved how the white flowers complemented the mints, lemonade pinks, sunshine yellows, aquas, and lavenders—the perfect palette for a picnic!

ceiling _0002ceiling _0004

Of course, the stage is amazing as well; everything looks so pretty in pink! True to the garden tea party theme, floral patterns and flowers in all sizes and colors filled the space.

stage _0036stage _0084

Each table’s centerpiece set is made out of pretty flowers, a teapot, and a dainty candle lantern, creating the ideal atmosphere for Rylie’s gorgeous celebration.

table _0066

There’s a special nook for the little VIPs, and their tables look more fun than the adults’! We’d be happier seated at the kiddie tables!

kiddie table

Rylie’s birthday cake is such a delight! The single-layered confection had frills and bows at the bottom and was topped with a teapot and teacups. We’re tickled pink at the little deets—the beautifully crafted flowers and a lone butterfly fluttering about!

cake _0031cake _0130

What’s a tea party without its pastries, right? There’s a spread of scrumptious desserts for those craving something sugary—cupcakes, cake pops, and cookies all look too gorgeous to gobble up in one go!

sweets _0049sweets _0088sweets _0129

A birthday party isn’t complete without a bit of fun. Aside from games and awesome prizes for the winners, there was a magic show and bubble performance that kept the audience enthralled and on the edge of their seats!

games.show _0153games.show _0157games.show _0183games.show _0142

As a token of gratitude, guests get to take home a loot bag filled with tons of goodies.

giveaways _0092

Little Rylie’s ensemble was a lovely shade of peachy pink. During the party, she switched to a frilly pink dress—posh and playful! She’s such a cutie who had a lot of fun celebrating her second birthday in the company of friends and loved ones.

family _0127family _0006family _0090

Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: Saira Yap | Photo: Oh Callie Studio / Lifestyle Photographer | Video: Little Man’s Photography | Venue: Carmelita Resort & Events Place | Food and Catering: Mr JJ Food Trip and Catering Services | Lights and Sounds: JMZ Lights and Sounds

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