Dorothy’s Enchanting Secret Garden Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Secret Garden Theme Party Ideas


A secret garden came to life for a darling little girl named Dorothy. Drawing their inspiration from the classic children’s novel, The Party Project Manila and Party Doll Manila Events recreated what the heroine, Mary Lennox, described as “the sweetest, most mysterious-looking place any one could imagine.” Thankfully, we get to experience this delightfully dreamy first birthday with the beautiful photos captured by Bryan Velasco Photography.

For her garden party, Dorothy looked pretty as a flower in this dainty pink dress and matching Mini Melissa shoes and hair accessories.


The enchantment of the secret garden began as guests took a short path to the entrance that was covered with a screen of vines hanging down from the top of an arch thick with roses.


Once inside the party venue, all eyes are drawn to the canopy of charming pink and purple wisteria and branches of lush, green leaves hanging from the ceiling.


The red brick wall and vine-covered arches made the perfect backdrop for the stage. At the center was Dorothy’s couch, where she could admire the magical garden filled with a symphony of colorful blooms. Details like vintage bird cages and rosemary herbs arranged in a basket created a country-cottage feel.


Guests feasted their eyes on a lovely centerpiece composed of yellow Peruvian lilies and purple asters in glass vases. A wooden box with some artificial flowers and a miniature street sign saying “flowers and gardens” added a shabby chic touch.


As family and friends sang the birthday song, Dorothy blew out the candle on this delightful two-layer cake adorned with gum paste roses, tiny flowers, and some gold dragonflies and butterflies. At the top of the cake sits a “Dorothy doll” inside a glass bubble.


Guests relished a gourmet adventure with the delectable food from The Creamery Catering and Rue Bourbon, as well as a variety of street food from Party Carts Manila. Guests also enjoyed the delicious handcrafted donuts from J.CO. and an assortment of sweet treats from Candy Corner. The potato lovers had their fill of tasty fries from Potato Corner and all-time popular snacks from Taters.


Birthdays are made for children—just look at their bright, smiling eyes! We can be certain that big, toothy grins are hidden behind their face masks; the excitement is almost palpable. They watched, enthralled by the magic show by master showman Wizzo the Magician.


The games were a thrill to play, but the prizes made it even more exciting. Dorothy’s friends brought home these awesome toys. Hooray!


There wasn’t a dull moment for Dorothy and her friends, who played to their hearts’ content with a play area set up by City JumpN’Slide right at the center of the venue, making it easy for their mommies and daddies to watch them. The children also had a lot of fun as they turned clay pots and jars into their very own masterpieces, thanks to Color Play Happy’s very interesting and entertaining “craftivities.”

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Check out the gorgeous giveaways that are packed with extra art supplies to take home.


Indeed, the world is a garden, as seen through a child’s eyes. As she celebrates more birthdays like this one, may Dorothy’s world continue to be as beautiful a garden as there can ever be, and may this world view be shared by all those whose lives are touched by her.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Styling: The Party Project Manila | Photo: Bryan Velasco Photography | Video: All About Us | Cake: Bespoke by Jackie | Host: Wizzo | Activities: City Jump N Slide and Color Play Happy | Catering: The Creamery Catering

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