Christoff and Corinne’s Joyous Jungle Celebration

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They say that life is a jungle, and while it’s a good reminder, we at Party Doll Manila believe that it’s also an incredible party theme! That’s why, for siblings Christoff and Corinne’s birthday bash, theirs was definitely a wild one. The amazing team from Party Magic certainly worked their magic and made the celebration an eclectic mix of whimsy and chic, playful but stylish.

What better way to welcome guests, given their theme, than with a mini forest? The CMG Building’s entrance was filled with lush foliage, creeping vines, and a prowling leopard.


The party’s color palette was a lovely combo of muted greens, browns, and shades in between. Up in the ceiling, balloons in shades of cream, rust orange, brown, green, and sage spruced up the space. Monstera leaves added a tropical vibe to the place.


We simply love the stage’s minimalistic but whimsical décor—cute wild animal cutouts set against jungle elements made for an adorable ensemble. The overall design is such a delight and a great inspo for other celebrations. Plus, we dig the cool captions—”young, wild, and three” and “wild one” as nods to Christoff’s and Corinne’s ages.


Chic table centerpiece? Say no more! Brightening up the dinner tables are boxed bouquets of pink and white roses and a cute animal stuffed toy.


For the kids, they had their own picnic tables and benches for a more exciting dining setup.


Since it’s a joint celebration, there’s one cake each for Christoff and Corinne. Corinne’s side was full of pink and purple hues, while Christoff’s was a wonderful shade of green and blue. We love the trooper uniform-wearing toppers, their party animal friends, and the use of muted palette.


The dessert spread was definitely a tease and a treat—fruit tarts, panna cotta cups, and French macarons looked inviting enough for anyone to “walk on the wild side.”


Kids had a blast playing in the humongous inflatable slide and ball pit. And for the brave of heart, there’s also a petting station for wildlife. Guests got to be up close and personal with a civet, snake, and bearded dragon.

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And when guests are tired, they can always grab a few snacks from the food carts. There’s no need for hunting—well, almost!


One of the Instagram-worthy areas is this gorgeous photo nook, where guests can take awesome snaps to remember the event. What made this corner so impressive? There are animal stands (spot the elephant, gorilla, giraffe, and toucan) peeking through the vibrant greenery as if you’re really in a tropical forest!


Capping off the event was a loot bag filled with amazing goodies like candies, treats, and school supplies.


It looks like Christoff and Corinne are ready for the jungle called life—with their parents guiding them like seasoned forest rangers! We hope they’ll be real troopers, rain or shine, as they go on an adventure of a lifetime!


Styling: Party Magic | Venue: CMG Building | Photo: Little Coeo by Bella Morcen | Video: Bella Morcen Films

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