Eli’s The Peanuts Themed Party – 1st Birthday

It’s party time, Charlie Brown! The Peanuts Gang may have taken the backseat to a myriad of Disney favorites as party theme, but that doesn’t take away the cuteness and charm of this crew. Fans will definitely get a nostalgic kick out of this party, with all the Peanuts Gang details festooning the venue. Without a doubt, the party had made some new fans out of Eli’s guests. Charlie Brown may be a ‘lovable loser’, but this party is a hands-down winner in our books.

With Mommy as the head honcho of the designing and styling, one can be sure that this event is every bit special and personal. And she did not just conceptualize; she had also executed the details! And quite perfectly, if I may say. The color scheme stayed true to the theme, but without the reds and the yellows washing out the venue. With Charlie and the gang around, there’s definitely an extra dose of warm smiles and friendly faces. Mommy is certainly the Joe Cool of party DIY’s; she made a huge chunk of these delightful decorations and details, even the Little Red-Haired Girl would notice.

So, round-up the gang and let’s check out Eli’s Peanuts Gang party, comic strip style!

(c) Little Big Stories Studio

Who could resist this adorable invite! Snoopy and his ‘physics-defying’ doghouse is the bearer of the party deets. Designed by Eli’s dad, this nifty invite sure can double as a take-away as well (bookmarks, anyone?).

(c) Little Big Stories Studio

It’s “colors and patterns” galore! Any true blue fan would recognize these banner designs. They’re the patterns on some of the character’s shirts! How cool is that! There’s Charlie Brown’s signature black chevron against a yellow background; the pink banner with little dots are for Sally Brown; the striped red ones are for Linus while the blue striped ones are for Schroeder. Japanese lanterns were also added to the installment, making the venue as festive as it could be. What I like about the ceiling is that the buntings were sized appropriately, so that the whole place still feels airy and spacious, without compromising the vibrancy of the colors and the patterns. Good job!

(c) Little Big Stories Studio(c) Little Big Stories Studio

Just because the stage wasn’t styled by some design bigwigs, doesn’t mean it can’t make a big statement. With help from her family, Mommy was able to make a main area that’s nothing short of wow-worthy! There’s Snoopy and Woodstock all looking proud of their little turf. Mommy had also handmade the doghouse and Daddy designed Eli’s info board. This delightful little stage shows off lots of mad love (and mad DIY skills), all for Eli!

(c) Little Big Stories Studio(c) Little Big Stories Studio(c) Little Big Stories Studio(c) Little Big Stories Studio

The tablescape is another area where Mommy used her DIY super powers. The Snoopy houses were crafted, and the letters were personalized, by Mom. Table numbers also donned the same patterns seen on the ceilings, and some Peanuts activity sheets were laid out to keep boredom at bay.

(c) Little Big Stories Studio(c) Little Big Stories Studio(c) Little Big Stories Studio

Good grief! Eli didn’t just have one but 2 yummy cakes! Mummyluvs Kitchen had hit the home run with the comic strip-inspired cake! Charles Schulz would have been so proud and delighted to see his beloved artwork on an equally artistic piece of decadence. Snoopy and Woodstock stood as toppers on this 2-layered fondant cake. Not to be outshone, Eli’s second cake stood in bright yellow, reminiscent of Charlie Brown’s shirt. Snoopy’s doghouse, sans Snoopy and Woodstock, was the star of this sweetmeat.

cakeA(c) Little Big Stories Studio

The gang’s all here! These sweets are beyond cuteness! Each character was painstakingly made as a topper for the cupcakes, while sugar cookies were designed as Snoopy, Woodstock and their trusty doghouse. Together, everything really looks fun and playful! It’s like a real-life comic strip waiting to happen. I’m sure every girl, boy and beagle would love to have one!

(c) Little Big Stories StudiosweetsC(c) Little Big Stories Studio(c) Little Big Stories StudiosweetsAsweetsB

This charming little nook also doubled as Eli’s gallery. One couldn’t help but get nostalgic as Eli’s stills and snaps from his earlier days were showcased in this area. And yes, this corner did not escape Mommy’s handcrafting magic! The doghouse and the letter cardboards were also her works of art. Japanese lanterns were strewn across the grass patch for added visuals.

galleryA(c) Little Big Stories Studio

This party has just become dog gone good! Check out the amazing prizes Eli has in store for his game winners. There was also a raffle contest, with top-notch winnings such as a Snoopy table and chair set, a Snoopy tent, and a book. When it comes to having fun, Eli’s folks sure take things seriously.


This was such a great party, so Eli made sure that the fun didn’t end when the guests go home. To keep the fun going, guests were given with some snacks and knickknacks, housed in transparent Snoopy containers and DIY paper doghouse.


You’re a good boy, Eli! So you deserve a fantastic party, designed and headed by none other than Mom and Dad.

(c) Little Big Stories Studio(c) Little Big Stories Studio

Vendors who made it all happen:
Styling, Invitations, Souvenirs, Dessert Table: Butingsi Arts and Crafts // Cake & Cupcakes: Mommyluvs Kitchen // Photographer: Little Big Stories Photography // Venue: Emps & Mel’s Patio

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