Avery’s Boho Llama Themed Party – 1st Birthday

They say that boho is not just a fashion statement; it’s a state of mind. It’s being free-spirited, carefree and one with nature. With this party though, we are given a different twist on how to throw a boho-inspired bash. How? With some llama elements, of course! MAGO Events Stylist has done a superb job in making Avery’s 1st birthday party wow-worthy! Bohemian teepee, cacti and llamas were used, plus all the cuteness that came with them. I just love it when an event is colored with pastel hues because it brings out a youthful and playful mood. From the invites to the decorations, even to the celebrant’s party dress! Yes, geometric patterns and llamas have definitely one-upped this event.

Let’s check out these adorable stills by Little Big Stories Photography and unleash the party animal within us!

Such colorful invites! Cute little teepee? Check. A llama ready to party? Check. Invites allow guests to have a sneak peek at what the party is all about and Avery’s charming party teasers definitely gave her guests something to look forward to.


Guests were ushered into the party by this adorable installation. Colored wooden pallets were jazzed up with Avery’s darling snapshots. The seat plan is as creative as it can get with little teepee as table designations. Little cacti were also put in place to add more character to the area.

(c) Fine and Dainty PhotoentranceA(c) Fine and Dainty Photo

Ceiling decorations are actually geometric patterns with white tassels. Simple yet unique, these party hangers really made a statement!


I am totally digging all elements in this main area. From the tassels-donning llama to the charming little tents, from Avery’s swirly name and yes, even to the prickly cacti. So how do you make a llama and a teepee standout? Make them white and set them against a colorful backdrop. Ingenious! I’m also pretty sure the kids had set their eyes on those goodies, just waiting to be brought home.

(c) Fine and Dainty Photo(c) Fine and Dainty Photo(c) Fine and Dainty Photo(c) Fine and Dainty Photo

Tables were spruced up with the same creative trinity, but in miniature versions: the party animal llama, teepee and cactus. Less in size, but same amount of charm. Add in some wood and brown items and the tablescape is a certified wowza!

(c) Fine and Dainty PhototableA

In true boho fashion, kids can station themselves on the floor, with long tables and salmon pink pillows as seats. They also get to channel their artistic flair through coloring kits prepared especially for them.

(c) Fine and Dainty Photo(c) Fine and Dainty Photo

What’s cuter than a llama as a cake topper? A llama wearing a sweater and a ribbon! Sitting on top of a bohemian manteau, this llama is right in the groove! Being a major fixture in this party, I like how Maure Confections incorporated the different elements of the theme in the cake.

(c) Fine and Dainty Photo(c) Fine and Dainty Photo

If you haven’t been awed by all those party cuties, I’m sure the dessert spread will do. Just look at all those mouth-watering sugar cookies, cupcakes and cake pops! The only reason that one might hesitate to eat these goodies was because they’re super cute! Yes, probably a couple (or more!) of camera shots will do, and into the tummy these yummies will go.

(c) Fine and Dainty PhotosweetsA(c) Fine and Dainty Photo(c) Fine and Dainty PhotosweetsB(c) Fine and Dainty Photo(c) Fine and Dainty Photo

There was definitely a lot in store for Avery’s guests. Kids and kids-at-heart were treated to fun games and an amusing ventriloquist show. Children also enjoyed a face painting session.

(c) Fine and Dainty Photo(c) Fine and Dainty Photo(c) Fine and Dainty Photo(c) Fine and Dainty Photo

I’m sure everyone was thrilled to take home these treats! Game prizes and thank you loots were fancied up with colorful geometric patterns and llamas.

(c) Fine and Dainty Photo(c) Fine and Dainty Photo

Here’s the little darling, Avery. Check out her pretty dress! She has to complement with the party theme, of course!

(c) Fine and Dainty Photo(c) Fine and Dainty Photo


Vendors who made it all happen:
Styling: MAGO Events Stylist // Photography: Little Big Stories Photography // Cake and Desserts: Maure Confections // Host: Justin Abrio

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