Viggo’s The Beatles Themed Party – 1st Birthday

“All you need is love, all you need is love, all you need is love, love. Love is all you need.” Yep, we all have a Beatles song that we can easily relate to. And that’s what came playing in my mind when I saw Viggo’s The Beatles birthday shindig. C’mon, who doesn’t know these famous “Fab Four”? They are the most influential act in the rock era. Viggo’s parents might have been bitten by the Beatlemania that’s why they chose this theme for their little one’s first birthday blowout.

Guests “Come Together” and get all hyped-up with that hippie, retro vibe “Here, There and Everywhere”, and with a little help from our friends from The Party Project Manila, they transported us back to the 1960s.

Hippie peace flowers and cute Yellow Submarines welcomed Viggo’s guests. Definitely, a Ticket to Ride going back to Yesterday.

entrance (2)

It was very clever for the style team to come up with this great idea. It was such a treat looking at these classic record discs that hang from the ceiling; and accentuated with white, yellow and purple paper lanterns.


Now this stage will surely make you want to Twist and Shout with delight. The yellow and orange background, the Fab Four, and a hippie mini van makes a great backdrop to this cool and awesome stage. The side stage also showcases Viggo’s milestones from 1 to 11 months.


Lines from the Beatles songs and a peace symbol are perfect centerpieces. Guests at the table will have something to talk about, or rather sing along with.

table (1)table (2)

Cake Concepts did not let us down when they brought this two-tier cake to life. The Abbey Road, rainbow and peace symbols on the cake look absolutely groovy. And the yellow submarine on top sure is a hit; you’ll end up singing along to this song.

cakecake (2)

I’m sure you will Get Back more than once to the tempting dessert spread. The table full of flavors: cookies, wafers, chocolate candies and cereals, will satisfy anyone’s cravings for sweets.

sweets (1)sweets (2)sweets (3)sweets (4)

The show kept all the kids at the edge of their seats as Flooch gave a heart-stopping show. Even Sgt. the Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band will enjoy the entertainment.

show (2)show

With all the cool things happening at the party, who wouldn’t be excited to get their hands on these party goodie bags. The celebrant’s way to thank his little guests for making his 1st birthday bash a blast.


And here’s our little cool dude Viggo with his awesome parents. Seems like all the Hard Day’s Night were paid off looking at how this birthday bash turned out.

family (3)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Event stylist: The Party Project Manila // Photo: Shutterpanda // Cake: Cake Concepts // Host: Flooch // Venue: Manila Polo Club

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