Danila’s Bohemian Chic Beach Party – 3rd Birthday

One can never go wrong with a Bohemian Chic themed party, after all it is one of the coolest and trendiest party themes nowadays. But what made this party even more dreamy is that it was held in one of the best beaches our country has to offer – BO.RA.CAY. Yup! You read it right guys! I can’t help but feel a bit jealous while checking out their amazing pictures. Thanks to the ever wonderful Ed Borra of Bordoy Photography, for capturing this one of a kind birthday party for our little boho princess, Danila.

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With the powdery and white sand Boracay has to offer, the main area created for the birthday girl was just perfect. A DIY set by Danila’s mom, the colorful beach blanket she used screams gypsy glam while the mini guitar on the side gave us a hippie vibe. I love how the whole set created a charming laid-back feel with a nice touch of artistic flair.

main (2)

And since it’s a beach-boho inspired themed party, setting up a long wooden table that fits the entire family and friends was a wonderful idea. This type of sitting arrangement somehow promotes harmony and balance, which are just two of the many things that a bohemian themed party is all about.

table (2)table

And how do you end your meal on a sweet note? I think Quency Cake & Pastries can help you with that! Danila’s one layer cake topped with four roses made of icing was just too delicious for my eyes. I’m sure it tastes like pure heaven too!


It’s not a kiddie birthday party without entertainment, but this family sure knows how to level it up in a more artistic way. They set up this cool table with coloring papers that matches the theme. Come check it out!

activity (1)activity (2)

It’s so obvious that these people had fun on Danila’s 3rd birthday bash! I wonder how are they going to top it up on her next birthday? Hmmm…


And let’s not forget that bohemian is also all about loving nature and being creative at the same time. So they decided to give these cute cacti as giveaways.


Of course, this event would never be possible without the love and support of Danila’s amazing family. The beach is definitely a perfect place to catch their picture perfect moments. Just check out these gorgeous shots, I can’t help not to smile!

familyAfamily (12)family (16)family (17)familyfamilyB

Vendors who made it all happen:
Venue: Hoy Panga Boracay Beach Front // Photographer: Ed Borra of Bordoy Photography // Cake: Quency Cake & Pastries

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