Tamara’s Swan Lake Themed Party – Baptismal

Little girls have always been fascinated with magic, lovely princesses, graceful ballerinas and statuesque dancing. In today’s featured event, all of these were tastefully incorporated into one single theme. Ladies and gents, Party Doll Manila is excited to present one of the most popular ballets in history, showcased here as an inspiration for Tamara’s baptism, Swan Lake. The dreamy details and styling are courtesy of Khim Cruz from Party Deco. Princess Odette, the Swan Princess, would have been very happy to confirm her attendance at this fete. The venue was nothing short of picturesque, with elements of swans, feathers, tutus and ballerinas adorning the entire place. Color everything with pink, white and gold and it becomes the perfect blend of elegance and childhood.

Such a dreamy and magical ceiling set-up! Who would have thought that foliage could be so enchanting? Hued in different shades of pink and amped-up with mood lights, the entire venue became the very definition of what ‘spellbinding’ means.


The theme just wouldn’t feel complete without the Swan Princess, right? Highlighted on the stage, the Swan Princess was every bit regal and pretty. In honor of the celebrant, Tamara’s name was spelled out in gold at the foot of the stage. As if the whole area couldn’t be sweet enough, the cake and a handful of desserts were also placed on the main area, giving it added color and balance.


Fit for the noble, these tables are! Screaming with opulence, the chairs were painted in gold and the centerpieces were as flamboyant yet dainty at the same time. Swans were the stars of the tabletops and miniature mannequins were poised as ballerinas in feather tutus. Fresh flowers finished off the entire set-up with oomph.


Kiddie tables may not be as hyped, but one cannot say that it was downplayed either. Personalized mats and drinks helped kids station themselves properly, and balloons decked their little Tiffany chairs.

kiddie tablesA

The scrumptious 3-layered cake was a sight to behold! The bottom layer was frilled with white feathers while the middle one was embedded with a golden chain. The cute little ballerina on top, poised in perfect arabesque, awaits the much deserved applause, not just for her but for the cake as well.


The ballerinas and the Swan Princess have equally shared the spotlight in this exquisite desserts spread, perfected by Jackie Martinez of Crafty Cakes and Cupcakes. Swans and ballet dancers made for delicate cupcake toppers, while ballet shoes and tutus made pirouettes on sugar cookies. My personal favorite were the intricately made swans – so good, you almost don’t want to eat them!


Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: Khim Cruz of Party Deco // Cake and desserts: Jackie Martinez of Crafty cakes and cupcakes

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