Derek’s Little Traveler Themed Party – Baptismal Celebration

Oh boy! Come and let’s fly away together as Derek’s little traveler themed party takes us to not one but ten different countries. That’s the number of countries Mommy Gianne visited while she was pregnant with Derek. Yes, you read it right, 10 countries! Inspired by these countries, they decided to decorate each table to feature one country and a pastry related to it. Is there any other theme more perfect for Derek’s party than this? I can sense that our little darling Derek is a jet-setter in the making.

Here’s a quick background on the theme straight from Mommy Gianne:

“Derek was an unexpected blessing. I found out I was pregnant 2 days after arriving Europe for our 3 weeks family vacation/pilgrimage. We visited Germany, France, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Italy and had our stop over in Dubai. On my 5th month, my husband, daughter and our long time nanny pushed thru with our Hong Kong and Macau trip which we had planned long before my pregnancy. At 8 months, together with our 2 friends and my husband, we went to Guam (another trip that was planned a year before). I want to point out that in all the trips, we had the go signal of my doctors. Truly, Derek had traveled across the globe while in my tummy. Thus, we decided on having a travel theme for his baptism.”

An intimate celebration made more special by their close friends and family, I’m glad they did not hold back in styling it to near perfection. Combining different travel-inspired pieces and all those yummy looking desserts together proved to be a wonderful match! An equation that is rather close to my heart. Teehee.


Suspended in the ceiling are hot air balloons and airplanes, two travel theme party must-haves. Not too little and not too much, these cute details provided a lovely aura complete with a traveler feel.

ceilingceiling (5)

From Paris to Dubai to Austria and Spain! Ten different countries for 10 Tables. Nothing too fancy but these cutie ornaments served its purpose perfectly and adorably.

centerpieceAcenterpiece (9)centerpieceCcenterpiececenterpieceB

Sweets after sweets, this is a sweet tooth’s dream come true! The “stacked vintage suitcases” cake made by the talented bakers of The Cake Room looks sensational! Well, I don’t know about you but for me, these amazing desserts are pure happiness.

stagecakesweets (9)sweetsBsweets (12)sweetsAsweets (5)sweets (7)sweets (2)sweets

They also have a little something for all their guests

giveaways (3)giveaways

Here’s the little traveller, Derek and his beautiful family.

family (7)

Vendor listing and reference:

Venue: Sugarland Hotel
Event Stylist: My Choice Party Shop of Pinky Ocampo and Irene Abong
Cake: The Cake Room
Photo coverage: Mdeguzman Photo


  1. I thought it’ll be the usual envelope stuff but no, I love how they worked on the idea. The cake is gorgeous and the table by country idea is fabulous! 🙂 I would love to sit in Paris! 😉

  2. since i’m a post-crosser this theme would be perfect for me I guess..hehehe…i love travelling too…well, locally for now..
    HAppy bday cutie derek!

  3. Thank u Joanne for the beautiful feature! I had so much fun preparing for the celebration and it is my pleasure that I am able to share this to those who follow your blog. More power! Thank you for doing what you do…

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