Chanelle’s Bear-y Carnival Themed Party – 1st birthday

Step right up for a bear-y dreamy birthday party! With a circus theme on gear, one can be sure that this bash would be an eyeful of details. Throw in the classic favorite Teddy Bear, and the party is as sweet as it could be! Add a splash of gold and pastel pink and wow… this could very well be every little girl’s wonderland! Circus inspires awe and wonder and NY Giftworks made sure that this party would scream charm in every nook and cranny. Cuteness and loveliness were brought in not just by the grand carousel deets, but mainly by the bears that came in all sizes. Apart from the celebrant, the teddies were also the stars of the bash, making some special appearances in all aspects of the design: from the tables, to the stage, and yes, even up to the food!

Now, prepare to be amazed and see how double tap-worthy this party is!

The invites were quite a surprise! Not only are they the true definition of what ‘cute’ means, but they’re totally out-of-the-box! And quite literally, if I may say.

invites (2)invites

The entrance was nothing short of Instagram-genic. Bustling with details, it featured Chanelle’s photos, a colorful info board, a dainty dresser and a nice picnic table. This space also doubled as the photo area, with an ultra-chic chesterfield sofa right smack in the center and a gigantic teddy ready for a bear hug.

entrance (2).eentrance (3)entrance (4)

To further amp up the playful vibe, pink swags were installed and the ceiling was filled with ponies, stars and balloons. Guaranteed to elicit some ‘whoahs’ and ‘wows’, no doubt.

ceiling (2).e

I love the stage. There is simply no reason not to love it! Not with all those bears and the carousel and the Ferris wheel. The main area is such a feast for the eyes with all those details! The lighted marquee had breathed added life to the installment, making it more alive with excitement!

main (3).emainmain (2)

A circus is no place for ho-hum stuff, so they have to make sure that the tables are spruced up well. Apart from Chanelle’s photos and graceful ballerina bears, miniature circus staples were brought in for the oomph. The kids’ tables, on the other hand, had some mini buckets of crayons and jellies.

tabletable (2).etable (3).ekiddie table (1)

Too beautiful to eat. That would be the perfect description for Chanelle’s birthday cake. Towering with 4 layers, this confectionery masterpiece features a grand carousel as a topper, a Ferris wheel, some pinwheels and 3 little charming bears. Such a sight to look at, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure that it tastes as good as it looks, so it’s definitely worth the calories!

cakeAcake (2)

I am not so sure if anyone can really fight off these sweet temptations, but anyone giving in would be happy they did. Guests get to spoil their selves with these small pieces of art. Cupcakes, cake pops, sugar cookies and candies…everything promises bite after bite of delight.

sweetssweets (1)sweetsAsweets (4)sweets (5)sweetsB

What’s a circus without a magic show, right? Nothing beats a magic show in inspiring wonderment and awe.


Stuffed bears in mod outfits and bear pillows served as the perfect thank you tokens for the guests.

giveaways (2)giveaways

Little Channelle is as cute as she can be with those bear ears! Check out the special guest joining in the fun!


Vendors who made it all happen:
Venue: Grass Residences // Styling: NY Giftworks // Photo: iBaby Photography // Video: Lemon Three Films // Cake and desserts: Sweet Creations by Mums // Entertainment: Apollo and Lou Hilario

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