Ysabelle’s Bright and Modern Sunshine Themed Party – 1st Birthday

If you’ve been feeling a little blue lately then here’s a party that will instantly cheer you up this lovely morning. A theme that conveys brightness, warmth and exuberance, Ysabelle’s bright and modern sunshine themed party sure made me feel happy at first glance! With a color that instantly adds a hefty dose of zest and merriment to any event, I just love how it easily blends well with any color to add more dazzle. A shabby chic party with a touch of sunshiny yellow, Kris of Design Avenue made sure everything looks fun and sweet. Captured by Jocelyn of Jo Lim portraits, check out all the vibrant details of Sab’s fantastic birthday bash.

Here are some tidbits from Mommy Sigrid herself:

“My family and I are based overseas hence planning is a real challenge for me. As early as 6 months before the party, I was already searching for prospective suppliers. Big thanks to my online mommy friends (read: forum friends) for helping out. Majority of the ideas and suggestions came from them. I honestly had my share of horror stories with other suppliers. I back out even if it means forfeiting the down payment. Gladly, some of my mommy friends helped me utilize whatever cash payments I had so as not to waste it.

In the beginning, I’m thinking to “DIY” the styling. Then I realized how inconvenient it will be given our location so I decided to get the help of a stylist. I thought of “Sunshine” theme because Ysabelle is such a happy baby – full of life and warmth. I asked Kris of Design Avenue to help me execute my ideas to which she did a very good job. As I have a small venue, I opted not to get a buffet dessert supplier. I just asked Kris if she could lend me jars to fill in with sweets and candies that I will provide. Also, since I’m not a fan of too much decoration, I’m glad Kris took note on my request and toned down on the balloons.

For the outfit, I wanted my daughter to wear tutu and sneakers but the tutu I bought was still big for her. But the sneakers…Oh I love sneakers for my baby girl. =)

We flew back to Singapore the next day with a big smile on my face. I would rate 11/10 (if I can) to all my suppliers.”

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

I love how these simple embellishments transformed this ordinary venue to something more sweet and dainty.

entranceentrance (2)details (2)details (3)details

The splash of colors used in the ceiling and table centerpieces added more oomph to Sab’s already fun party.

ceilingcenterpiece (2)centerpiece

This wonderfully styled dessert spread was decorated with some of Sab’s favorite things. I love Sab’s brightly colored birthday cake and together with the cupcakes and other sweet offerings, everything looks so pretty and delish!

cakesweets (8)sweets (9)sweetssweets (7)sweets (2)sweets (3)sweets (4)sweets (5)memorabilia (2)memorabilia (3)memorabilia (4)memorabilia (5)

Chayno, their party host, entertained the guests with some fun games and exciting magic show.


Here’s a little something for Sab’s little guests to enjoy.

favors (2)

Ysabelle aka Little Miss Sunshine.

family (2)

Vendor listing and reference:
Venue: Racks Magallanes
Styling: Design Avenue
Event Photographer: Jo Lim Photography
Host: Chayno
Cake and cupcakes: Belluscious Cakes
Meringue Tower: Cuppy Puppy Bakehouse
Macarons: Tous les Jours
Photobooth: PicMe Photos
Face Painting: Groove Paints Party Needs Management
Pre-event Photoshoot: Nice Print Photography
Invites & lootbags labels: Sweet Shindig



  1. Back here at my fave decorating site! 🙂 Quite challenging for sure if you’re not there. Oh, I love the chalkboard of firsts/etc idea! 🙂 The cake is cute too, very creative! 🙂

  2. Whyare parents go for the ‘big time’ when preparing their kid’s FIRST birthday celebration? eh hindi naman ma-appreciate ng kids yun. Just my say. But this themed party did really light up one’s gloomy day.

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