Adriana’s Vintage Paper Doll Themed Party

When your Mom is the uber creative and mod Kaye Garcia, it’s a guarantee that your party is going to look phenomenal. It’s evident that there is no big or small party with Kaye because for her, every party should be made special and dazzling down to the itsy bitsy details. Just take a look at Adriana’s birthday party; no details were left out! Choosing a sweet and timeless theme, Vintage Paper Doll, Kaye sure has gone all out in making this intimate celebration look luxurious all the way. A somewhat rare theme to have, it’s a delight to see such a darling fete with a twist. With all these awesomely crafted deets, Kaye provides an A+ guide as to how to make every event look ama-zing!

You can never go wrong with gorgeous fresh table centerpieces. It instantly gives out color and charm to the party. I love the cloth line idea – simple and it sure is a fun way to incorporate the cute paper doll dresses.


So 1950’s! These framed paper doll dresses were displayed at the buffet table and drink station.

detailsdrink stationA

Would you look at that? Sweet treats galore. Another brilliantly decorated yummy treats by the lovely Joanna of Cuppy Puppy Bakeshop. My goodness! Sugar overload just by looking at Adriana’s dessert tablescape which consist of some of my favorites like the cake push pops, oreo pops and tea-cup macarons.


These adorable suitcases completed the whole vintage vibe of the theme.


Supplier listing and reference:

Stylist: Kaye Garcia (Email:
Sweet Treats: Cuppy Puppy Bakehouse


  1. What a beautiful name Adriana Simone 🙂 The theme looks classic which is my favorite but as always it is beautiful. The decorations are darling 🙂 I really love this design 🙂

  2. That is a super creative and original theme that’s attractively presented! Wow! I bet it has left a really good impression on all the guests! What a stand out!

  3. I love it every time I see your blog because it makes me so happy to see all these lovely decors. I love Vintage inspired Party Decor. I love everything about it. Thank you for sharing!

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