Elise’s Sweet Garden Party – Baptismal Party

Because dainty and chic are what little girls are made of, better get ready for a serious dose of loveliness from Elise’s sweet garden themed party. Styled by one of the most brilliant stylist and baker, Kit and Ace of Ava’s Cake & Partyshop captured my heart again and proved that they truly have mastered the art of throwing amazing events. I’m not at all surprised when I saw another jaw-dropping party from their team because the amount of attention they showered in each event they have are simply awe-inspiring.

I’ve been stalking browsing Ava’s Cakes & Partyshop portfolio for a while now and noticed that they rarely go over board with their decorations. Their minimalist approach to styling has made all the difference. By meticulously planning the perfect amount of details and elements, they manage to make their events look very elegant and well put together. To show you my point, here’s Elise’s undeniably sweet garden themed party complete with their signature style.

The soft color palette they used in Elise’s baptismal party truly captured the sweetness of the celebration.

table (4)table (3)table (2)

Define pretty? Elise’s backdrop looks stunning! The collection of all these wonderful details makes Elise’s party sweet and lovely through and through. The white x pink x gray combination is incredibly easy on the eyes.

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It’s unimaginable to have a party without cake and sweet treats. Just the thought of it breaks my heart and I bet our friends from Ava’s Cakes & Partyshop will agree with me on this. As evident in their styling, their cakes are pretty amazing, too. I looove Elise’s cake! It looks pretty and delicate, perfect for her oh-so-dainty party and so are these cupcakes.

cakeAcakesweet (2)sweetfavorsA

Vendor listing and reference:
Venue: Arabella’s Events Place
Party styling: Ava’s Cakes and Partyshop
Catering: La Preciosa
Cakes and cupcakes: Ava’s Cakes and Party Shop
Candy favors: Rock Candy



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