Soyee’s Doljabi and 1st Birthday Party

Doljabi Party


In Korea, the first birthday or the Doljanchi is a very important event that is steeped in tradition. The highlight of the day is a ceremony known as the Doljabi which, for most Koreans, is akin to a foretelling. It involves a number of traditional and novel objects from which the celebrant chooses one (or three items), and these choices are said to determine the child’s future.

Indeed, on a most auspicious day, lovable little Soyee enjoyed a grand celebration with her family. In keeping with tradition, she went through the Doljabi and chose from a set of the traditional calligraphy pen, medallion, yarn and silk pouch, and contemporary items like the judge’s gavel, a stethoscope and a thousand-peso bill. Each item is symbolic and has a special meaning to Soyee’s doting parents. Whatever she picked, it’s safe to predict that a promising future awaits.


Soyee’s parents entrusted their daughter’s party planning to Party Doll Manila Events. Together with the creative genius of The Party Project Manila, and Nice Print Photography who captured the smiles and every single pleasant experience of the day, Soyee’s Doljanchi was a day to remember!

The entrance to Soyee’s party was a pretty pink and mint green ensemble of beautiful flowers and clouds of balloons.


Eyes were immediately drawn to a canopy of lovely, dainty colors. Soft, wispy fabric draped the ceiling, and paper lantern balls, stars, and garlands of pink wisteria added a touch of magic in the air.


The stage was festooned with clusters of pink, mint green, and peach balloons that conjured daydreams of marshmallow clouds on a cotton candy sky. At the center was Soyee’s dreamy cake accompanied by trays and plates of mouth-watering sweet treats.


Kid-sized tables and chairs with personalized placemats were set up for Soyee’s young friends.


The rest of the guests enjoyed the birthday feast on elegantly decked tables. Each one was covered with white cloth and an embroidered gold table runner. The centerpiece consisted of pink and white blooms arranged in a basket, as well as pink and yellow Peruvian Tiger Lilies on a pedestal candelabra. A handcrafted Soyee doll wearing a hanbok was the final touch to this beautiful table setting.


Soyee’s 2-layer cake is covered in seamless pink fondant. On the lower half of the cake, we see the name Kim Soyee, spelled out using gold-painted fondant. The upper layer is adorned with the Hanbok accessory called the Norigae. A tree thick with gum paste cherry blossoms stands beautifully beside the cake and holds on to a swing carrying a cute fondant Soyee.


The dessert spread always beckons the guests to sample a treat or two. At Soyee’s party, the guests enjoyed chocolate-dipped eclairs and red velvet cupcakes with buttercream frosting, decorated with fondant hanbok toppers. There were sugar cookies and cake pops that simply looked too good to eat. Every sweet tooth at the party must have been in 7th heaven.


The gourmet treats extended to party carts that offered four different milk tea flavors, Galaxy ice cream and the corndog, a popular Korean street food.


The thrill of the games is in the prizes. Soyee’s young friends must have had a pleasant surprise waiting inside these neatly packed craft boxes.


Guests took home a very practical gift from Soyee – a nice towel!


What a heartwarming sight – Soyee’s delighted smile and her “appa” and “eomma” mirroring that same joy. Today, Soyee and her family created a lasting moment. Years from now, when they see these photos, they will certainly feel the same happiness and excitement they felt on this day. Saengil chukha hamnida, Soyee!


Vendors who made it all happen:
Full planning and coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Styling: The Party Project Manila | Photo and video: Nice Print Photography | Cake and desserts: Sugarplum Pastries | Host: Flooch | Food carts: Party Carts Manila | Photobooth: Pose & Print | Venue: Casa Ibarra, MOA

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