Sadie’s Chic Fairytale Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping beauty…no matter what your idea of a fairytale party is, the whole notion of being whisk away to happily ever after and being a princess for a day sounds super dreamy, right? So for today’s feature, I made sure to pick out one gorgeous party that is really fit for royalty. With Kathleen of Spark + Twinkle acting as the fairy godmother to this little sweetie, she made sure Sadie’s 1st birthday party got the perfect touch of whimsy and all sorts of prettiness. Using the chic-est color combination of pink and gold to glam up the venue, every deets they used made this elegant and sweet soiree a little closer to the book. Right from Cinderella’s carriage to Sleeping Beauty’s tower, this party even have the magic mirror and spindle wheel as part of their fairytale décor ensemble! Ready to enter the enchanting world of fairytale? I know I do.


Ceiling details in pink, white and gold sure added a dash of elegance to the party.


Different fairytale elements were showcased as part of their stage backdrop. Who says you need real princesses to make this theme come to life? Bringing together some of most iconic details of our beloved stories together in a subtle way enhances the dreaminess of the theme and injected the right amount of fantasy that characterizes these different stories.


And their table setup looks quite impressive too! Pretty florals combined with different fairytale elements like story books, crowns, towers, magic mirror and tower were simply perfect for the theme.

table (6)table (5)tableAtable (3)

Care for some royal treats? From Sadie’s cake to all these scrumptious desserts, they even got this charming dessert table to house these sweets. I like how 8 Spoons Catering go the extra mile and made sure that their buffet table complemented the theme.

cakesweets (1)sweets (2)food (2)

Guests were treated with games, magic show and different yummy carts to make sure everyone is having a grand time at the party. Yum!

show (1)showAshow (2)prizescartcarts

Check out this personalized keychain/doorhanger buffet by Ants Pockets. These cuties served as their party giveaways.

giveaways (2)giveawaysA

Of course, another party must-have, photo booth!

photo boothA

Here’s Sadie and her lovely family. Sending my hugs and kisses to Mommy Ana for sharing with us their beautiful party.

family (1)family (11)


Vendors who made it all happen:
Venue: Acropolis Clubhouse // Event Stylist: Spark + Twinkle // Photo/Video: Shuttercount // Host: Marcus // Food carts: Starbucks, J Co Donuts, Red Mango, NYFD // Giveaway: Ant’s Pocket // Caterer: 8 spoons // Photo Booth: DJ Coki

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