Melo’s Scooby Doo Themed Party – 5th Birthday

“Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?” Please forgive me but I have that song stuck in my head – in repeat – ever since I saw Melo’s party. I mean, I was hoping you have this song in repeat, too (*cue: the evil laugh). Seriously though, just how cool is this theme? With the whole gang joining the party, they also have the Mystery Machine, a hunted castle and some monsters thrown in to the mix. How fun! With the team of My Choice Party Shop in charge of making the party extra boo-stastic, I’m glad to see that all their efforts paid off. Special thanks to Veñegas Photography for sending over these wonderful snaps. With Halloween a few months shy, why not take a few notes and get inspiration from this groovy bash?

entrance (2)entrance

For the ceiling, these hanging vibrant balloon clusters and swags were used to add color to the venue.


Jinkies! Their main setup looks pretty rad, don’t you think? With the group up front and center, the haunted house, full moon and dead tree silhouette served as a great backdrop. It surely gives off an eerie vibe that is perfect for this theme. Booo!

main set (2)main setdetails

The tables were adorned with a mini version of the characters and Mystery Machine together with a cutout of a haunted house. Floating balloons were added because nothing says party than balloons, right?


If you look closely to their main stage setup, you’ll see this table full of sweet treats. From Melo’s awesome cake to all those colorful Scooby treats, I bet the kids got a hella good time eating these yummies.

sweets (2)sweets (3)cakecakeA.esweets (1)

These personalized “Mystery Machine” favor boxes were awesome for this theme. Filled with more treats for the kids to take home, seriously, these look super c-u-t-e!


Check out these family snaps! Ohhh… I think it’s cool that Melo’s mom and dad gamely wore their Daphne and Fred couple costumes minus the wigs.

family (6)


Vendors that made it all happen:
Setup and Design: My Choice Party Shop // Photos: Veñegas Photography // Cake & Pastries: D’Bakers // Party Host: AJ Prietos


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