Zandro’s Racing Themed Party – 7th Birthday

Race Car Theme Party Ideas

zandro race car theme party cover

Most kids dream of one day hopping behind the wheel of a race car. There is something about the thrilling speed and zip-zooming around the track that attracts many, including ourselves. And when a kid loves fast cars, toys are not just enough. His obsession spills over books, movies, clothes, and so on — and that is what you will find at this young speedster’s party!

The doorway to Zanro’s party felt like entering a big racing event and this definitely got his guests all hyped up to get inside and take a peak on how the race party will start and end.

race car theme entrance (2)

Check out the details of their ceiling treatment. It reminded me of Grand Prix and Formula 1 competitions around the globe. The ceiling was covered with red and yellow balloons, black and white banderitas and red swags giving the venue the perfect racing-vibes.

race car theme party ceiling

What an adorable photo-op area! For a quick photo souvenir, guests were invited to take photos like a champ.

race car theme party photowall (2)race car theme party photowall

Festooned in black and white with a splash of red, their table setup looks totally rad. There’s even a trophy, traffic cone and tire to complete the set.

race car theme party kiddie tablesrace car theme tables (2)

Time to head over to Zandro’s birthday cake. Filled with real and moving toy cars, I’m excited to see these babies in action as they race around the cake!

race car theme party cake (3)race car theme party cakeA

Oh my goodness, sugar high! Their sweets buffet is loaded with different desserts and candies that kids and kids at heart will enjoy.

race car theme party sweets (5)race car theme party sweets (4)race car theme party sweetsBrace car theme party sweets (6)race car theme party sweets (7)race car theme party sweetsA

Ready, set, go! I’m pretty sure Zandro’s guests were so eager to race around the track. Go karts were made available for the big race, and those cool head gears made it more exciting. Zandro was way too busy enjoying his own race.

race car theme party main setup (1)race car theme party main setup (7)race car theme party main setup (10)

Different games, sandbox, Lego table and race car figurine painting, kids went wild with these exciting activities. And with prizes as grand as these at stake, I’m sure everyone joined the fun!

side activities (1)side activitiesAside activities (4)side activities (5)side activitiesBprizes (1)prizes (2)

Let’s not forget about the food carts though. From nachos to donuts, pizza to fries and a lot more. They made sure no guest went home on an empty stomach.

food carts (1)food carts (2)

The day did not end without this beautiful family portrait – a perfect team in the race of life.


Vendors who made it all possible:
Party Stylist: Sweet Nest Events // Photo: Rio Jones Photography // Event Planner/Coordinator: Party Island // Host and entertainment: YoyoMaster Glenn and Belle of Clowning Around Manila // Entertainment: Drift Box Crazy Kart // Birthday Cake: Bonbon desserts // Sweets buffet: Pinknotized Candy Buffet // Souvenirs: KiKay Customized Souvenirs and Giveaways // Catering: Center Table Catering, Inc. // Food carts: Figaro, Muscle Beach, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts ,Dippin’ Dots, Shakeys, Potato corner, Sushinori, Don churros // Others: Bien music and sports for the bikes

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