Joziah Kale’s Picnic Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Who says picnics have to be outdoors? Joziah Kale’s picnic-themed baptismal and 1st birthday party has that real outdoorsy vibe with all the cute and fun elements ingeniously thrown in together by our incredible friends at Party Magic. Pieces such as picnic tables, kites, balloons and a barbecue grill – these are just some of the items that you’ll see at this affair that made it feel so festive. And being inside also means you can put wicker baskets on the table without having to worry about dirt and insect crawlers. While nothing screams picnic more than the usual red and white gingham, this bash was made unique by adding other vibrant colors of summer. Green, orange, yellow and blue added flair to this fun and exciting spree.

We have photos captured by Rio Jones Photography that will show us how amazing this celebration was. Let’s take a closer look at this smashing blow-out from the get go.

By the looks of this party invitation, guests will surely expect an entertaining and amusing event. A splash of lively colors and cute, fun characters were used to hype-up the guests in anticipation of a fun-filled adventure.


Who will not be wowed by this overhead design? Our eyes sparkled with glee as we gaze at this over-the-top ceiling decoration. Drapes, multi-colored balloons, paper lanterns and banners created an energetic vibe and is a sure scene stealer.

ceilingceiling (2)

A picnic at the park; that’s how I would caption this stage set-up. A barbecue grill, picnic table, bicycle, kites, duckies in a pond… are just some of our picnic favorites. The blue backdrop created an outdoor, summertime feel to this stage.

stage (2)

Everything on this table set-up is oh-so perfect. The balloons tied on a wicker basket filled with fruits and veggies, and pinwheels and kites in white fences — this centerpiece screams with so much cuteness.

table (1)table (3)

This four-layer cake by Sugarplum Pastries looks stunningly delectable. The design looks very detailed with all the pieces that remind us of summer outdoor fun. And they can never go wrong with that happy sun on top.

cake (2)

Just look at how awesome this dessert spread is. Simply Paris Ph filled the dessert buffet with so much mouth-watering goodies. There are cookies shaped as watermelons and donuts, cupcakes with balloon toppers, and cake pops that looked like apples and hamburgers. Very clever and super cute.

sweets (1)sweets (12)sweetsAsweetsB

Kids and adults alike were entertained and was kept in check by kiddie party host, YoyoMaster Glenn. Then everyone was enthralled by the heart-stopping show thrown by Lou Hilario Magic.


This party’s wow-factor was amped up by these food carts. On-the-go icy treats by Ice Pops Manila, popcorn by Blue Food Bar and healthy, creamy ice cream by Fruits in Ice Cream.

cart (2)cart (3).ecart (4).e

One more thing that made this affair stand-out is this sweet spot for photo ops. The picnic blanket, throw pillows and plushies will make you feel relaxed while watching the kites and clouds above.

photo opphoto op (5)photo opA

Cute fruit plushies are this party’s unique takeaways. It very well matches with the theme. And it comes in a customized loot bag too!

giveaways (1)giveaways.e

Here’s our little celebrant, Joziah Kale, beaming with glee. Looks like he is very much happy with how his party turned out.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Event stylist: Party Magic // Photo: Rio Jones Photography // Dessert Buffet: Simply Paris Ph // Cake: Sugarplum Pastries // Kiddie Party Host: YoyoMaster Glenn // Magic Show: Lou Hilario Magic, Illusions, Parrot & Puppet Show // Face paint: Pintwora Face Painting Services // Souvenirs: Plush And Play // Loot bags: Print and Tell // Invites: The Playground Graphic Design // Venue: Decagon, Silver City

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