Matteo’s Colorful Baby Dino Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Baby Dinosaur Theme Party Ideas


Let out your fiercest dino-roar and get ready for a prehistoric adventure of a lifetime as we celebrate little Matteo’s first-ever Baby dinosaur-themed birthday party! Pretty Little Details definitely left fossil footprints in our hearts with their awesome styling, check out all the lovely snaps by Everyday Sunday Studios!

Prepare for an “a-roar-able” good time! Guests entered through a gateway where several cute dinos greeted them.


Looking up, their ceiling installation gave off a festive vibe. Sky blue and mint green drapes look wonderful together with hanging tassels, vines, and balloons. Zoom in closer and you’ll see several Pterosaurs flying overhead.


Their main setup looks oh-so-adorable with a “baby-fied” Jurassic Park design! It was a perfect sunny day for a T-rex and a bunch of Brachiosaurus to chill out by the mountains.


Each table had a dinosaur centerpiece, faux grass mat, and a tree for an extra dose of color and fun.


Dinosaurs would definitely go crazy over this awesome two-layered cake! Just take a look at this prehistoric treat of wonders. A sky-blue fondant base decorated with little dinosaurs and coconut trees. Just how cute is that miniature Matteo sitting right on top of the cake?! Super adorbs!


It’s activity time! Kids got the chance to try all sorts of fun and engaging activities like face painting.


Care to look at those adorable smiles? The kids really had an exciting and enjoyable time playing games, and of course, winning cool prizes.


From his chubby cheeks to his twinkling little eyes, Matteo sure looks extra charming wearing his baby dino outfit!


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Stylist: Pretty Little Details | Photo: Everyday Sunday Studios

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