Clark’s Baby Dino Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Dinosaur Theme Party Ideas


Stomp, chomp and rawr! Forget the scary Jurassic Park dinosaurs because today we’re in for some cute and colorful fab-o-saurus fun! Join us as we celebrate little Clark’s birthday in a baby dinosaur-themed party. Carousel Events undoubtedly hatched a dino-mite of success with their epic styling. Check out these wonderful snaps by our friends from Everyday Sunday Studios.


The entrance was a stone-like passageway graced by a large smiling Spinosaurus giving guests hint of the Dino-filled excitement that awaits them inside!


The upper interiors was a majestic sight to behold, one would see a painting of prehistoric times- full of vibrant colors like peach, mint and sky blue that radiated from the lanterns and ceiling drapes. There were even huge Pterodactyls flying around!


The stage was like the Mesozoic Era came back to life! A stone-like interior filled with greenery and delightful dinosaurs like the long-necked Brachiosaurus, the back-spiked Stegosaurus and even a horned Tsintaosaurus. They even have a working waterfalls at the side for extra awesomeness.


Each round table was clothed in brightly colored linens complete with baby dinos and more greens as centerpieces.


Clark’s adorable cake requires a setup of its own. Yes, seriously!


Their sweets corner was like a paradise of sugary goodness with an assortment of cookies, candies, cupcakes and brownies! I bet kids went wild upon seeing this ultra-cool dessert spread.

sweets_61 copysweets_63sweets_65sweets_95

Kent Oliver in the house! Everyone enjoyed themselves as they marveled at the magician’s antics. The kids all shouted “pick me!” to be the lucky volunteer as the magician’s assistant.

magic show_191magic show

Everyone had a blast with all the fun games & activities.


The kids were mesmerized and simply in smiles with the chance to interact with different kinds of reptiles.

animal encounter_109animal encounter_113

Take a selfie or two at this Dino-riffic photowall! Ride on the jeep or the lovable Triceratops for that IG-worthy snaps.


Everyone went home happy with these adorable Dino pillow blankets.


Here’s Clark with his awesome family. Hoping for more exciting adventures for this happy bunch.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Event stylist: Carousel Events | OTD Coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Photo: Everyday Sunday Studio | Video: Lemon Three Films | Cake and desserts: A Bag of Goodies | Host: Apollo | Show: Kent Oliver | Venue: Blue Leaf Filipinas

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